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a city in southern Finland

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Federation of Espoo Parishes and Parish Union Kauniaisten electricity supplyCustomer requests shktarjoustanne price margin for the period 1.
Finnish teachers are empowered to make decisions that affect their pupils and were heavily involved in the process that led to selecting Fronter as the right platform for Espoo.
Espoo is the home of the Nokia phone company and is Finland's second largest city.
It's clear who won that contest, for the Alberga project is a worthy successor to the firm's light-filled headquarters for Nokia in another district of Espoo (AR April 1998).
Encorium is headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania and has its European base of operations in Espoo, Finland.
The reason for the measures is overcapacity at the production plants in Turku and Oulunsalo as well as the decreased demand for certain older-generation products manufactured at the Espoo plant, which has led to permanently decreased workloads.
To the east, Nokia House looks over sea and islands towards the city; in front, there is a cycleway and a promenade, required by the Espoo local authority plan to allow all citizens to enjoy the sweep of Keilalahti Bay's granite shoreline.
Encorium" or "the Company") and will be headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania and have its European base of operations in Espoo, Finland.
All of Silecs' existing production, design, development and test facilities for electronic materials in Espoo were re-certified to the same standard.
The City of Espoo to request a copy of an offer for securities of Espoo and Vantaa for the cities.
amp; ESPOO, Finland -- Futuremark Corporation, providers of world's leading performance benchmarks and services to the PC and handheld device industries announced today the appointment of Petri Talala as Vice President of Mobile Business.
The City of Espoo ask for an offer for the Western Uusimaa Rescue Department upcoming four cable car, as well as optionally available CharterWay.
and ESPOO, Finland -- Dilithium Networks announced that Tecnomen has selected Dilithium as its partner to provide a Video Mail solution to VOXmobile, Luxembourg's newest mobile operator.
This acquisition will be covered by the big machine tools used in the City of Espoo comprehensive schools the technical work in teaching, planing benches, equipment, plate trolleys, tools and tool cabinets.
ESPOO, Finland -- Elcoteq Network Corporation, global provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for the Communications Technology industry, has announced the expansion of its second manufacturing plant, Tallinn 2, in Tallinn, Estonia.