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an artificial language based as far as possible on words common to all the European languages

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I hope that your readers will take a closer look at Esperanto in 2018 and resolve to learn this planned language which belongs to no one country or group of states.
Three vignettes follow the fate of Pero, a middle-aged father and non-nationalist doctor who once translated Croatian poetry into Esperanto but, mobilized, now wears boots "not yet implicated in anyone's murder.
The two are constructed words like Esperanto and are meant to mean "in my opinion" and "is also.
statement, the students of Esperanto went forth and began producing
ESPERANTO, the international language, celebrates its 125th anniversary this year and Esperanto Book Day is on December 15.
com)-- LinguaForce, a translation agency which has been in business in Rennes (France) since 2005, has just completed an impressive translation into Esperanto for the installation “Komuna Fundamento” as part of the Venice Biennale.
RAISON D'ETRE: Speaking Esperanto, printing stamps, possibly tax evasion.
The late SA ndor SzathmA ri was a significant figure in Hungarian literature and was also known for his participation in the Esperanto movement.
My aim is therefore to share my perceptions not only of the value of the book in relation to its claims as a worthwhile resource for primary school teachers, but also to comment on how Esperanto is positioned and whether/how intercultural notions and integration are evident.
SPEAKERS of the international language Esperanto are trying to set up a North Wales group for enthusiasts.
Zamenhof pursued an orthogonal approach, inventing Esperanto in the hope that it would be everyone's second language and would allow members of different nationalities to see one another as united by a shared human 'brotherhood.
It would be as if everyone were asked to give up their native tongues and speak only Esperanto.
In the Land of Invented Languages: Esperanto Rock Stars, Klingon Poets, Loglan Lovers, and the Mad Dreamers who Tried to Build a Perfect Language.