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an artificial language based as far as possible on words common to all the European languages

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Who turned me," he asks, "a European, no, a citizen of the world, an Esperantist, a cosmopolitan, an agent of universalism, who turned me, as in some wicked fairy tale, into a stubborn, ignorant, furious Pole?
Such is this case with a 1932 letter published in The British Esperantist, where Tolkien writes tellingly: "it seems to me, too, that technical improvement of the machinery [.
Okrent continues his critique wondering '[clan the thing that Esperantists share with each other really be called a culture?
He is one of around 40 speakers of Esperanto in Ireland A World Esperanto Congress is held annually and this year's event is under way in Copenhagen, with 1,500 esperantists from all over the world attending.
12) True Esperantists, whose number has been estimated at anywhere between 40,000 and one million, value the 'bona etoso' of their congresses, referring to a positive ethos or atmosphere of peace and cooperation.