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type and only genus of the family Esocidae

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External sex determination of northern pike, Esox lucius Linnaeus.
If it weren't for Esox lucius, it would have been a dreadful week.
Common name Latin name NISP Pike Esox lucius 32 Cyprinids Cyprinidae 269 Roach Rutilus rutilus 10 Roach/rudd Rutilus rutiluslScardinius erythrophthalmus 6 Rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus 3 Ide Leuciscus idus 5 Asp Aspius aspius 1 Tench Tinea tinea 22 Bream Abramis brama 51 Sichel Pelecus cultratus 1 Crucian carp Carassius carassius 4 Carp Cyprinus carpio f.
the European eel, Anguilla anguilla (Larsson and Lewander, 1973), the pike, Esox lucius (Ince and Thorpe, 1976), the toadfish, Opsanus tau (Tashima and Cahill, 1968), the goldfish, Carassius auratus (Chavin and Young, 1970), and the American eel, Anguilla rostrata (Moon, 1983).
1888 1945 1981 1986 2008 Species (1) (2) (11) (14) (32) Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus osseus 1 1 Clupeidae Dorosoma cepedianum 2 1 5 Esocidae Esox americanus 2 Cyprinidae Campostoma anomalum 4 3 20 Ctenopharyngodon idella 5 Cyprinella spiloptera 2 2 32 C.
Biomagnification of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers IPBDEs) studied in pike Esox lucius), perch (Perca fluviatilis) and roach(Rutilus rutilus) from the Baltic Sea.
Group foraging versus solitary foraging efficiency in piscivorous predators: the perch, Percu fluviatilis, and pike, Esox lucius, patterns.
6 Esocidae grass pickerel Esox americanus vermiculatus 13 37.
JAHR TOP SPECIAL VERLAG publications include: AngelWoche, Blinker, ESOX, FLIEGENFISCHEN, AERO INTERNATIONAL, fliegermagazin, Fly and glide, fotoMAGAZIN, FOTOwirtschaft, GOLFmagazin, JEaGER, NORDICwalker, ST.
Now, the intriguingly named Msr Lebegue Jones is hoping for good omens, a fair wind and following tide to speed his boat, The Esox, onwards and upwards from Barmouth to Fort William in Scotland.
In addition, some of the recent salmon stock declines may be due to flood-related mortality, northern pike, Esox lucius, predation on juvenile salmon, and poaching (Rutz and Sweet, 2000).
eSOX is a customizable eLearning course designed to be a component of the IBM Lotus Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting Solution which is also being announced today.
2005), while other studies have detected high genetic diversity despite appearing to originate from a single source (northern pike, Esox lucius, Aguilar et al.
Successful extractions of sufficient quantities of genomic DNA from surface mucous of freshwater fishes have been reported for Saline trutta fario (brown trout), Esox lucius (northern pike) (Livia et al.