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Synonyms for esoteric

Synonyms for esoteric

beyond the understanding of an average mind

Antonyms for esoteric

confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle

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This collection of essays written in the 1930s by the Russian esotericist Valentin Tomberg explores the development of Russian and Eastern spirituality.
At least one other major esotericist of the time, Claude Doggins of Sedalia, Colorado, also envisioned the nuclear destruction of America.
If Emerson is as careful and as serious a rhetorician, political strategist, philosopher, and esotericist as I have claimed, then our thinking not only about him but about much of the American literary tradition deriving from him needs to be reconsidered.
His attending as a boy the Orthodox liturgy, which Christian esotericist Valentin Tomberg calls "a cult experience," may have resulted in his first mystical encounters of Christ.
On the whole the esotericist readers have neglected the scriptural and rabbinic references that make up a good part of the book, and which could provide grist for the esotericist mill.
2 For many years English language classical scholarship has for the most part hesitated before the difficult choice posed by the interpretations of the "unwritten teachings" by Harold Cherniss, on the one hand, and the esotericist tradition, on the other.
And it remains to be seen whether or not there is a future for these particular decks in the hands of cartomancers and esotericists.
The esotericists know that the domain of the esoteric is the null and void".
Sa'in al-Din did not think very highly of theologians, whom he placed just above the lowest-ranked traditionists but below Avicennan philosophers among exotericists, though he clearly valued advanced Sufis much higher, whom he ranked above Illuminationist philosophers but below "letter-specialists" (hurufis) among esotericists (these hurufis, who were experts in the arcane but quite "scientific" field of the study of letters, numbers, and other graphic signs, are not to be confused with the followers of Fazlallah Astarabadi).