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Synonyms for cancer

Synonyms for cancer

any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Cancer

a small zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere

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the fourth sign of the zodiac

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The incidence of esophageal cancer is higher in black men than in white men and higher in black women than in white women.
Cernostics' lead product, TissueCypher(TM) Barrett's Esophagus Assay, will deliver the most comprehensive evaluation of esophageal cancer risk for Barrett's Esophagus patient's currently available, providing actionable information to gastroenterologists, pathologists, and the patients themselves.
There is still a need for stronger products with superior efficacy to treat both gastric and esophageal cancers in the metastatic and early settings periods.
What has surprised me, as I review the medical and scientific literature, is that researchers keep coming up with more and more natural substances that may prevent and treat human esophageal cancer.
If Barrett's esophagus is diagnosed, follow-up endoscopies are recommended in order to monitor Changes that may lead to esophageal cancer.
There were no significant differences between cases and controls in risk for esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, or both cancers combined.
Dr Jane Green, the lead author of the study said the following:The increased risks we found were in people who used oral bisphosphonates for about five years, and even if our results are confirmed, few people taking bisphosphonates are likely to develop esophageal cancer as a result of taking these drugs.
Of all the human cancers, esophageal cancer is probably the most devastating and the most deadly," says Tom R.
Rather, she said, people who choose diet drinks are likely to be more health-conscious and not have other risk factors associated with esophageal cancer.
Frequent heartburn can raise the risk of one kind of esophageal cancer, say researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.
Global Markets Direct's, 'Esophageal Cancer - Pipeline Review, H1 2012', provides an overview of the Esophageal Cancer therapeutic pipeline.
Our donation to the Degregorio Family Foundation will increase their visibility, thus making it easier to fundraise for research and education for stomach and esophageal cancer," says Deborah McKeever, President of EHE International.
Washington, July 24 ( ANI ): Aspirin use has been found to reduce the risk of Barrett's esophagus, which is also the largest known risk factor for esophageal cancer, a new study has revealed.
These include staging of esophageal cancer, fine needle aspiration of mediastinal adenopathy, evaluation of subepithelial masses (or submucosal lesions), diagnosing and staging of pancreatobiliary tumors, and staging of rectal cancer, said Dr.
Still, other physicians point out that esophageal cancer is rare, whereas stomach cancer is the 14th-leading cause of cancer death worldwide.
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