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a written agreement (or property or money) delivered to a third party or put in trust by one party to a contract to be returned after fulfillment of some condition

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Hany Youssef, EVP Corporate and Commercial Business at Union National Bank added, "We are very pleased to partner with Aldar for Water's Edge ESCROW accounts.
Hany Youssef, EVP Corporate and Commercial Business at Union National Bank said: "We are very pleased to partner with Aldar for Water's Edge ESCROW accounts.
As a waterfront, mid-market apartment development, we are pleased with the strong demand for Water's Edge, and are confident that the escrow accounts with UNB will further support this," stated Al Dhiyebi.
Adding a product such as the real estate development escrow account to our portfolio of property financing models is part of our continued commitment to be one of the leading banks in exploring new and innovative Sharia-compliant products and services tailored specifically to meet the changing needs of the market place and real estate industry," Mr Murad said.
This agreement will enable Aldar Properties to have escrow accounts for the recently announced Yas Acres, a golf and waterfront development comprising 1315 villas and townhouses, on Yas Island.
provide the borrower with an annual escrow account statement; and
Only banks that have signed an agreement with the DMA will be allowed to hold such Escrow accounts.
Metro Bank, a newly formed British challenger financial services provider, on Tuesday reported the launch of two new Escrow accounts.
Sahara also informed the Bench that the escrow account has been shifted to Bank of America.
The withdrawal of monies from the Escrow Account is only permitted based upon achieving construction milestones and subject to a schedule approved by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning.
A lawyer for the New Jersey bank that held the escrow account into which fares were supposed to have been deposited told Judge Melvin S.
Global payments company Visa Inc (NYSE: V) has said that it has decided to deposit USD400m into the litigation escrow account created under the company's retrospective responsibility plan.
His response was that he has no idea who has sent money to the nominated Escrow account as he does not maintain adequate records so if I want a receipt I would need to prove that the money was in fact deposited into the account.
The pension fund regulator only agreed to the Ericsson acquisition of Marconi because Telent set aside pounds 490 million in an escrow account to cover future pension fund costs, such as workers living longer.
Later that year, the two partners agreed to place all partnership profits (after expenses) into an escrow account until they resolved their differences.