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a written agreement (or property or money) delivered to a third party or put in trust by one party to a contract to be returned after fulfillment of some condition

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Due to this change in practice, which will be implemented within the year following the final approval of the settlement, some customers' escrow accounts will contain balances in excess of this low point.
Funds held in an escrow account can only be used to pay property taxes and home insurance premiums.
Sahara also informed the Bench that the escrow account has been shifted to Bank of America.
Under the plan, when the company funds the litigation escrow account, the value of the company's Class B shares - which are held exclusively by US financial institutions and their affiliates and successors - are subject to dilution through an adjustment to the conversion rate of the shares of class-B common stock to shares of class-A common stock.
Under the escrow account regulations, an investor will pay the price of the unit purchased in a project under construction in the escrow account and the escrow agent (bank) will have to ensure that such escrow money is paid to the developer towards the construction of the project.
Mahdi Kazim, the general manager - Large Corporates and Global Banking, Emirates NBD said, "Under this agreement, Emirates NBD is now able to open escrow accounts for owners' associations in the DIFC, into which collection of service charges contributions from owners are deposited, and their disbursement is regulated as per DIFC guidelines.
Federal transportation regulations require that fares paid by charter air passengers be deposited into an escrow account and not released to the charter service, Direct Air in this case, until the flights are completed.
He argued that he did not have to report the income until resolution of the dispute because the partnership had deposited the money in an escrow account, which restricted his use of it.
The court held, inter alia, that the payment of the settlement proceeds into the plaintiff's attorneys' escrow account was not payment to the plaintiff.
468B(g), which allows Treasury to prescribe regulations providing for the taxation of all escrow account, a settlement fund or any such fund.
7 bn in Lockerbie compensation to a Swiss escrow account.
The decree stems from a class-action suit accusing the Chicago-based title company of siphoning off interest in escrow accounts instead of giving it to the escrow account owners.
RESPA limits the amount lenders may charge borrowers in an escrow account related to a home mortgage loan.
Whether you're purchasing land, an airplane, a car or a piece of heavy equipment, an escrow account is an excellent way to handle the money transaction.
The article also focuses on the three components of an advance refunding transaction; the refunded bonds, the escrow account and the refunding bonds.