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a written agreement (or property or money) delivered to a third party or put in trust by one party to a contract to be returned after fulfillment of some condition

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Among other things, it offers a range of different escrow agreements.
Regarding the title insurer's position that the fiduciary duties are limited to the terms of the escrow agreements, the court noted that no Texas decision had directly addressed any limitation on the scope of an escrow or other settlement agent's fiduciary duty of disclosure, and that no rationale supported limiting an escrow agent's fiduciary duties to the terms of the contract.
Since the Intellectual Property Bankruptcy Protection Act of 1988 was passed to law, licensees (buyers) that are party to a license that explicitly have an escrow agreement that is supplementary to the license will have the protection of the court to access the code in escrow in the event that the debtor (software vendor) rejects the obligations in the license agreement.
Escrow agreements may amount to unprofitable contracts as they result in the disposition of potentially valuable rights.
The escrow agreement may place restrictions or limits on the seller's right to receive the escrowed sales proceeds.
Webcast attendees will also receive sample escrow agreements and a new white paper on verification.
Many vendor-driven escrow agreements specify only "bankruptcy" or "ceasing to do business" as the conditions for releasing source code.
I recently looked at DSI's e-Contracts--this is an automated system that allows the user to draft many types of escrow agreements.
Moreover, many software vendors, as well as customers, are discovering that traditional escrow agreements are not well-suited for today's on-demand world due to their expense, lack of scalability, reliance on physical storage, and the long lead times involved in resolution.
It is important to note that alternative courses to escrow agreements do exist.
The voluntary escrow agreements to be established as part of the definitive agreement would apply to up to 44,010,240 of the issued and outstanding common shares of SPE.
Many escrow agreements include a provision that explains the parties' rights to a technical verification.
02 per common and special share, payable on April 3, 2006, or as otherwise provided under the terms of any applicable escrow agreements, to shareholders of record on March 20, 2006.
As a result of the graduation to Tier 1, common shares held by Richview's Principals and previously deposited in escrow under escrow agreements will be governed by the release provisions of a Tier 1 Value Escrow.