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a written agreement (or property or money) delivered to a third party or put in trust by one party to a contract to be returned after fulfillment of some condition

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Unfortunately, most software escrow agreements can take real time to put together, and that can mean project delays and even funding concerns.
In other circumstances, an escrow agreement may not be quite as formal.
The proceeds of the Term Loan were funded into a segregated escrow account (the "Escrow Account"), pursuant to the escrow agreement dated as of August 27, 2010 (the "Term Loan Escrow Agreement"), among Chemtura, the Administrative Agent and the Escrow Agent, together with a deposit by Chemtura of an additional amount sufficient to fund the interest expected to accrue on the Term Loan for the period from the August 27, 2010 to October 26, 2010, and the amount of the arrangers' fees and expenses.
The foregoing description of JV Agreement and Escrow Agreement are qualified in their entirety by the contents of the respective agreements.
But he added that just because the city has the power to change the parameters of the escrow agreement, that doesn't mean it will.
Contractual provisions which may provide a purchaser with protection include representations and warranties of the seller as to the condition of the property and the former and current use of the property; an agreement by the seller to indemnify the purchaser for environmental conditions or violations of law existing prior to closing; and an escrow agreement if contamination has been identified but cannot be cleaned up prior to closing.
461(f)(2) did not occur because the escrow agreement was not signed by the claimant, even though the agreement expressly provided that the claimant was the beneficiary.
org and other related domain names in compliance with the Escrow Agreement between Reservella Ltd and GGF.
Contract notice: Mav network level group - part of the work covered by protective clothing top clothing warehouse sale and purchase escrow agreement.
the "Company" or "Fushi") , the leading global manufacturer and innovator of copper-clad bimetallic wire used in a variety of telecommunication, utility, transportation and other electrical applications, today announced that it has entered into a settlement agreement and an escrow agreement with Kuhns Brothers whereby both parties have agreed to settle and resolve the dispute between both parties.
In fact, in the IDG survey, 46 percent of respondents reported that they consider it critical or very important that their escrow agreement includes the rights to perform verification services by a third party.
Coates is pleased to report that, during the third quarter, it has received additional payments aggregating $805,000 required under its Escrow Agreement with Well to Wire Energy, Inc.
369 established in the make good escrow agreement related to the August 2008 private placement" rather than "For the full year 2009, the Company remains focused on meeting the targeted net income of $23 million and fully diluted earnings per share of $0.
In addition, holders of approximately 93% of the contributions to the Escrow Agreement established to partially satisfy the cash consideration for the tender offer agreed to retain their funds in escrow until the extended deadline.