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The following conceptual distinctions are based on myths rather than empirical data: trafficking versus prostitution, adult versus child prostitution, domestic versus international prostitution, legal versus illegal prostitution, indoor versus outdoor prostitution, street versus escort prostitution, and voluntary versus involuntary prostitution.
111) The same strategy is used in online advertisements for escort prostitution.
138) New York Elites, an escort prostitution agency, was busted for numerous offenses including promoting prostitution by flying pornography stars to many locations in the United States for "dates.
140) Looking like a small office complex from the street, the business functioned simultaneously as Internet pornography production, cyber-peepshow or webcam prostitution, and a location out of which women in escort prostitution were pimped to Las Vegas hotels and to an illegal brothel.
Webcam video and escort prostitution sites have merged with some adult dating sites.
amp; FEMINISM 235, 235-36 (2006) (discussing some Asian American women's pornography that expresses racialized and sexual degradation); Audrey Extavasia & Tessa Dora Addison, Fucking (with Theory) for Money: Toward an Interrogation of Escort Prostitution, 2 POSTMODERN CULTURE (1992), available at http://www3.