California poppy

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of Pacific coast of North America

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I have to admit Alonsoa warscewiczii and Eschscholzia californica are not exactly user- friendly.
Suitable seeds: Adonis, Anchusa, Centaurea (cornflower/sweet sultan), Clarkia, Convolvulus, Delphinium consolida (larkspur), Echium, Eschscholzia californica (Californian poppy) Godetia, Helianthus (sunflower), Helichrysum (everlastings), Lavataera trimestris (annual mallow), Linaria (toadflax), Linum (flax), Malcomia maritima (Virginian stock), Nemophila insignis (baby blue eyes), Nigella (Love-in-a-mist), Papaver (poppy), Heseda odorata (mignonette).
Californian poppies, which are Eschscholzia californica, annuals with fluted, silky cups in shades of orange and white on 30cm (12in) stems.
The 1,745-acre site west of Lancaster is judged to be the most dependable area for California's state flower, Eschscholzia californica.
Russian-olive Eschscholzia californica California-poppy Cham.