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I have to admit Alonsoa warscewiczii and Eschscholzia californica are not exactly user- friendly.
I AM puzzled by your comment about "new" poppy Eschscholzia.
THOMPSON & Morgan are offering one pack each of of hardy annual flower seeds Eschscholzia Summer Sorbet, Calendula Citrus Cocktail, Silene Patio Mixed, Nasturtium Black Velvet and Larkspur Splish Splash for just pounds 4.
Annuals and biennials can be classified into three groups: # Hardy annuals such as cornflowers, love-in-a-mist, Shirley poppies and Eschscholzia can be sown directly into soil outdoors.
A collection of Eschscholzia Summer Sorbet, Papaver Fruit Punch, Petunia Purple Velvet, Cosmos Double Click and Delphinium New Zealand Doubles Mixed for a total price of just pounds 5.
Eschscholzia are hardy annuals and usually self seed so once you grow them they should be with you evermore.
ESCHSCHOLZIA Summer Sorbet (T&M) is a truly breathtaking new Californian poppy.
Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve: Nestled around Fairmont and Antelope buttes 15 miles west of Lancaster are 1,745 acres judged to be the most dependable area for California's state flower, Eschscholzia californica.
Beds and borders collection: Clarkia, alyssum, aster, dahlia, eschscholzia and candytuft.
Suitable seeds: Adonis, Anchusa, Centaurea (cornflower/sweet sultan), Clarkia, Convolvulus, Delphinium consolida (larkspur), Echium, Eschscholzia californica (Californian poppy) Godetia, Helianthus (sunflower), Helichrysum (everlastings), Lavataera trimestris (annual mallow), Linaria (toadflax), Linum (flax), Malcomia maritima (Virginian stock), Nemophila insignis (baby blue eyes), Nigella (Love-in-a-mist), Papaver (poppy), Heseda odorata (mignonette).
The flowers of the Californian poppy, Eschscholzia californica GoldenTAKE a break and learn something new with the Field Studies Council which offers more than 600 leisure and special interest courses.
The Eschscholzia californica, known to you and me as the California poppy.
Fortunately, other varieties with the same virtues as Eschscholzia californica - satiny petals, ferny foliage, simplicity of care - come in softer colors.
ANNUALS: Antirrhinum, Eschscholzia, Impatiens, Nigella damescena.
This is the place to see classic orange carpets of Eschscholzia californica.