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(New Testament) day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives

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In this sense, there are non-aesthetic, religiously didactic tasks going on, such as when Bruce instructs his fellow church members about the events of the Eschaton, including the Rapture for which they apparently did not qualify (Left Behind, 308-314).
5) Although "eschatological" refers to knowledge of the eschaton (the final phase of the world).
For the reason that the world was created is the eschatological Christ, the union of the created with the uncreated at the eschaton.
So while Haught asserts God as the ultimate realization or fulfillment of this dynamical system that is the universe, it is not clear what can be known concerning this eschatological vision, nor is it entirely clear that this eschaton is consistent with the biblical narrative.
The doctrine of the eschaton is not usually included among the array of Christian and Catholic social principles.
In the writings of Cyril of Jerusalem, Jews represented a threatening menace to catechumens or those not fully immersed in the orthodox faith; however, the Jews and their influence would ultimately be defeated in the eschaton.
The word "eschatology" refers to the final events of history, which in Christian theology includes the return of Jesus Christ to earth, the parousia, and the consummation of Christ's eternal kingdom, the eschaton, depicted in the Book of Revelation as "the new heaven and the new earth" (McKim 93, 201).
Alice Walker's vision may be called eschatological not only because it is hopeful enough to prescribe new ways of being and relating but also because it embraces that element of eschaton which we term "consummation.
Primacy is given to a unique, incarnate, and resurrected Christ attested to by history who brings universal hope now but also justice for all in the eschaton.
The eschaton is the end time, when Christ will come again to raise the dead to new life, to be with him "in the Resurrection.
The Midas myth proclaims the eschaton, the final chapter of accumulation: All the gold of the world is in one heap but it is worthless because there is nothing it can buy.
32) Discerning the revealed truth and trying to understand its meaning is a never-ending process of discernment that will not reach its completion until the eschaton.
He asserted that the church and its understanding of revelation is moving forward toward the fullness of the divine word in the church in the eschaton, that is, there is a deepening in our understanding [emphasis added] which will only be fulfilled in the Age-to-Come.
Ecumenists may need to be reminded that, while agreement on fundamentals is absolutely necessary, the absolutely perfect ecumenical statement will not be produced until the Eschaton.
Voegelin offered an analysis of the nature of ideology and described as its chief error, "the fallacious immanentization of the Christian eschaton," the attempt to make heaven on earth.