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a river that rises in France and flows northeast across Belgium and empties into the North Sea

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Frederic Escaut had good specimens at the show; Bryan Lees of Collector's Edge Minerals back in Golden, Colorado has also obtained a substantial lot of close to 2,000 specimens.
Belgium is also concerned as the project would help improve links between French and Benelux waterways and work on improving the navigability of the Escaut is also scheduled.
Contract notice: works of accessibility to the park of the creative banks of the escaut in anzin
Down the next aisle were the eight lovely showcases of Frederic Escaut (17 place Commerce, 75015 Paris).
The conference led to the signature, a few months later in Ghent, of an agreement placing the work of the Escaut and Meuse Commissions clearly within the framework of the EU Directive.
The first booth I visited at the Hilton was French dealer Frederic Escaut (11 place du Commerce, 75015 Paris, France).
Frederick Escaut (Ostrea Location, Route des Huitres, 17550 Dolus, France) still has the finest of this variety in crystals, to 8 cm or so on edge.
Contract notice: Filling cavities located at the rear of the sheet piling of the dockyard of the escaut gpmd.