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Synonyms for escarpment

a long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a plateau or ridge


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a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification

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Villagers said some paragliders fall and get injured in the escarpment.
From the rugged sandstone escarpment of the Kimba Plateau through to the wetland and river systems that flow west into the Gulf of Carpentaria, Olkola country is a diverse range of ecosystems and landforms.
It is only now that you are able to inspect the steep escarpments that face north.
And as if they haven't been through enough, the next morning, one member from each team is chosen to traverse a gap between the escarpments and return with a flag from the summit.
Mount San Jacinto, at 10,804 feet, rises above Palm Springs, at 150 feet, in the space of just six linear miles -- one of the steepest escarpments in the United States.
In 2004, the Baltic Klint, represented by seven selected sections in North Estonia, was nominated for inclusion in the World Heritage List as one of the longest continuous escarpments in the world, where fossil-rich Cambrian and Ordovician rocks can be followed in a wide geographical and geological extent.
2000 'Doing less with less: The Ontario provincial government's environmental streamlining has weakened the Niagara Escarpments Commission's ability to protect one of Canada's natural treasures' Alternatives Journal 26(1), 4-5
These abandoned fortune seekers stand with fixed smiles in the lurid daytime-television landscapes, ringed by blinking lights and great escarpments of technicolor numbers.
Flat alluvial fields rise up from the river to meet undulating slopes and escarpments that have been in cultivation since the sixteenth century.
Where meanders cut into the valley walls, large, unstable escarpments (reaching higher than 30 meters) have developed.
Terrain along the pipeline route varies from metropolitan roadway, undulating agricultural lands and steep escarpments to swamps, rivers, valleys and dense bush land.
While woodland communities are common on rocky escarpments in the Great Plains (Wells, 1965, 1970), the presence of limber pine is anomalous.
He proposes, for example, that oceans could have sculpted the unusual, cliff-like escarpments of two volcanoes on Mars: Olympus Mons and Apollinaris Patera.
Most of the ski hills in the province are on ridges or escarpments, he notes.
Kiptoo said women and children were sleeping in the cold and inside dangerous caves in the escarpments for fear of bandits.