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a long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a plateau or ridge


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a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification

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Not just in terms of the physical magnitude of the bores, with the Endrick Escarpment and Cataract Rivers to contend with, but with the environmental considerations involved in conducting drilling operations in national parks, state recreational and catchment areas.
Berhane Iyasu, Administrator of Adi-Keih sub-zone, said that similar activities have been conducted along the eastern escarpments of the locality targeting promotion of community health.
2 earthquake caused some coastal escarpments to slip.
All three are consistent in correlating gestures of deconstruction with the establishment of "cybersites," each commissioning artists and/or architects who literally "deconstruct" their pavilion by means of massive escarpments of scaffolding or, in the case of the Austrians, by permanently dislocating the classical order of the original architecture with the addition of a new facade and soaring roof and the elimination of a rear exterior wall.
Soil eroded from the mountains piled up over the eons, and then later was eroded itself, leaving the rugged escarpments and canyons that make up today's badlands.
The aim of SCARP is to characterise the morphology of non-tropical carbonate escarpments in unprecedented detail, investigate the nature and dynamics of canyon and landslide processes responsible for this morphology, understand their role in sediment export and non-tropical carbonate margin development, and determine whether they are significantly different from those of siliclastic and tropical carbonate margins elsewhere.
Named after one of Australia's most endangered bird species, the Alwal or Golden Shouldered Parrot, the park is home to one of the last known populations of the parrot, as well as woodlands, seasonal wetlands, vine thickets and escarpments with significant conservation values.
It is only now that you are able to inspect the steep escarpments that face north.
And as if they haven't been through enough, the next morning, one member from each team is chosen to traverse a gap between the escarpments and return with a flag from the summit.
Their topics include tectonics, volcanism, and sedimentary paleo-environments during the Lower Pleistocene in the Lake Natron Basin, Tanzania; isotopic ecology and diets of fossil fauna from the T-1 paleosurface; the technology of the site complex; and the Acheulian sites from the south and north escarpments.
Mount San Jacinto, at 10,804 feet, rises above Palm Springs, at 150 feet, in the space of just six linear miles -- one of the steepest escarpments in the United States.
In 2004, the Baltic Klint, represented by seven selected sections in North Estonia, was nominated for inclusion in the World Heritage List as one of the longest continuous escarpments in the world, where fossil-rich Cambrian and Ordovician rocks can be followed in a wide geographical and geological extent.