cost overrun

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excess of cost over budget

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Speaking on the causes of the escalating cost of living, the president cited rising fuel prices, noting that the price of a barrel of oil has risen more than three times to $35 within one year.
Most recently, states have attempted to control escalating costs with a combination of legislative and regulatory reforms.
In an era of escalating costs, when box office revenue no longer covers expenditures, DVDs have become a primary revenue source for feature films.
Escalating costs in the past decade have heightened the need for real reform in the child welfare system, Dr.
The purpose was to offset the effect of retiree health obligations on employers' financial statements and reduce the escalating costs of accident and health coverage to employers.
Indeed, there may no longer be a realistic alternative to sampling because of the escalating costs and diminishing returns of conducting a conventional enumeration.
One is rapidly escalating costs of basic feedstocks - ethylene, propylene, and styrene monomer - fed by supply snugness that will only be intensified by plant outages, both planned and unplanned.
The toolsets, the only ones focused on control and complex datapaths, allow ASIC and FPGA designers to reduce design time, bugs and re-spins that contribute to product delays and escalating costs.
Driven by such powerful forces as escalating costs, the shift toward a consumer-driven marketplace, and new information technology, health plans have started to focus on significantly upgrading their innovation capabilities.
With escalating costs in housing, health care and taxes, it's becoming increasingly difficult to sustain a middle-class existence in our society, especially in Southern California.
health care system faces tremendous challenges such as care for an aging and increasingly diverse population, escalating costs and limited resources.
The toolset, the only one focused on control and complex datapaths, allows ASIC and FPGA designers to reduce design time, bugs and re-spins that contribute to product delays and escalating costs.
Bankruptcy Court judge, who said he believed that the negotiations were deadlocked and was concerned about the escalating costs of the case, paved the way in September for the creditors committee to submit a competing plan to reorganize the Valencia hospital.
Rather, the next response to escalating costs will have to come through the implementation of information technology, and the Internet will be a substantial component.
TRACK AND FIELD: Citing limited budget and escalating costs, USA Track & Field announced the cancellation of the international Grand Prix meet scheduled for June 1 at New Orleans.