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Synonyms for anglerfish

fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey

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Channing's character is a trained fighter and soldier, an efficient killer trained by an efficient army, whilst Esca fights from his gut, using his finely tuned instinct and spirit.
slave Esca (Jamie Bell) with the blue Seal People Roaming centurion.
Esca Restaurant's New Year's Eve Dinner will be available from 6.
Esca also has a framework in place that means mandatory training for staff.
Desempeno del Maestro Decano de la ESCA en los ultimos cinco anos
AaAaAa Though still modest in scale, partnerships with other management schools help Esca offer courses that compare with much bigger institutions.
If you don't want to scrub that much or you want to be extra-careful, Esca Tech also makes hand wipes.
a ESCA pode ter um carater formal no qual a crianca e aliciada/agenciada diretamente por uma terceira pessoa que nao e o cliente final dos servicos, ou seja, ha uma relacao triplice (agenciador-crianca-cliente).
NanoESCA offers an improved spatial resolution by a factor of five to 10 times when compared to competitive instruments in imaging ESCA modes.
Esca occupies a space on Main Street that started out as a pasta joint, Gastronomia, and has morphed through several iterations.
Since the beam is typically composed of x-ray or ultraviolet light, ESCA is also known as x-ray or ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy.
Kevin Barclay (Kingdom RT), a youth international from Fife,beat former holder Nicky Hall (City of Edinburgh RC) by a point on nine to win the first round of the ESCA National Track League B season at Meadowbank Velodrome, Edinburgh yesterday.
Owner of Babbo, Esca, Lupa, Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Casa Mono and Bar Jamon in New York City.
Bajo mes logicas circunscancias, los productores de los programas Ilenarfan Ia aspiradora con sus propias iniciarivas; desdichadamente, la promocion no es ci inceres o ci fuerte de los produccores Europeos y por consiguiente esca es totalmente ignorada.
Warwickshire Under-13s failed to reach the Final of the ESCA County Championships at Oundle.