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fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey

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The Billingham born actor plays British slave Esca, "a wiry, feral and instinctual fighter" in the movie; while Tatum's character is Roman soldier Marcus Aquila who can only be described as an efficient killing machine.
After several weeks of travelling through the northern wilderness, Esca and Aquila encounter Guern, one of the survivors of the Ninth Legion.
David has been very supportive of ESCA and the Bunbury Festival," added Mr Galley.
Esca is an Italian word meaning "bait" and this little restaurant certainly has what it takes to lure customers to what it's only fair to describe as the less fashionable side of the Merchant City.
The announcement from the ESCA sent Aabar's share price up 9.
After drying under vacuum, the residue of the ONy/LDPE laminated film was analyzed by ESCA and FT-IR.
The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance was formed in 2008 by the co-founders of the Entertainment Supply Chain Academy (ESCA), as well as the Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Academy (CESCA), ESCA Europe, Blu-Con and GameSupply conferences.
He pointed out that ESCA s participation in professional conferences and events is part of its efforts to attract Islamic funds and financial tools in view of the high expectation of more Islamic issuance and sukuk to UAE markets following the promulgation of the regulations and legislations that regulate them and the recent upgrading of UAE markets by the MSCI.
they will report back to ESCA and then we will evaluate," Sultan bin Saeed al-Mansouri, Chairman of the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) told Bloomberg.
Before painting the town red, start your New Year celebrations with a festive New Year's Eve Dinner at Southern Sun Qamardeen Hotel's Esca Restaurant, in Downtown Burj Dubai.
Vadari also previously served as a lead engineer at ESCA (Areva T&D), focusing on power system and deregulation applications and their delivery.
April 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Esca Bona, an event dedicated to accelerating innovation within the good food movement, will take place in Austin, Texas from October 26, 2015 to October 28, 2015 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel.
ESCA has been overseeing the nationwide implementation of XBRL to enhance transparency, disclosure, and access to financial data.
Clarifying its stand Esca said the final decision lies with the Esca board of directors.