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(Old Testament) the eldest son of Isaac who would have inherited the covenant that God made with Abraham and that Abraham passed on to Isaac

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Again: analysis is specific and detailed: not for those looking for general, light Biblical reading, but for in-depth Scripture analysis of Jacob and Esau and their ongoing meaning to modern Israel and the world at large.
A 400-year interaction on this continent tells us unquestionably that the American Jacob has been the trickster, the cheater, the supplanter, the schemer, building an entire social system deliberately designed to put Jacob in front, and Esau, as Stevie Wonder once sang, "at the back of the line when it comes to getting ahead.
Caption: Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resource, Hon Bernhard Esau (middle) with NFCPT Board members, from left, Matheus Armdhila (Deputy Chairman), Steven Ambabi, Tobie Aupindi (Chairman) and Katrina Sikeni.
At the end of the tale, Rebekah learns of Esau's bloodthirsty hatred for what Esau terms his 'trickster' (in Biblical language, a play on the name Jacob) brother, Jacob, and the alarmed Rebekah has Isaac send Jacob away to marry her kin in Haran.
This confirmation is best represented by his older brother's guardian angel: so long as Esau still has his own angel, Ya'akov has not completely taken on Esau's essence.
Along with the field trips, Esau ensures her students participate in "reach-aheads," familiarization.
As Esau explains, "My own iconography of place--my sense of what is familiar and comfortable in the landscape as rendered through images--has been determined by my experience in these two cultures of the Pacific Rim.
One day Esau saw Horace on a see-saw, Yes, a see-sawing horse, Esau saw.
The Jacob and Esau narrative continues a pattern in Genesis of a younger son usurping the rights of an elder one.
Esau said they had found strange that their letter's rejectin by the consulate.
Esau to executive vice president of investment and trust services.
People were only willing to do it for so long, says Richard Esau, director of marketing, food-to-go, for leading sandwich manufacturer Greencore.
Tito Tebaldi's drop goal and a Craig Gower penalty completed Italy's scoring while Samoa were restricted to a couple ofpenalties from Titi Esau.
Titi Esau kicked two penalties for the tourists in the first half.