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physicist honored for advances in solid state electronics (born in Japan in 1925)


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The SAS Institute Esaki Scholarship will provide future generations of students from Japan the opportunity to study computer science abroad at North Carolina State University, the alma mater of SAS Institute founder and CEO, James H.
Other vendors have high-performance IP switching products which utilize either the topology- or flow-driven approach, but no other company has integrated these two techniques in one product," Esaki explained.
Chou & Lu (1977) proposed that Pochazia formusana Esaki, 1931 is a junior synonym of Pochazia pipera Distant, 1914.
Editors Razeghi, Esaki, Klitzing, all with doctorates in physics, the latter two having won the Nobel Prize, along with numerous expert contributors, present a massive and comprehensive volume that offers a very broad coverage of the growing nanotech field.
Esaki tunnel diodes, discovered in 1957 and the first quantum devices, were used to create a map showing output tunnel currents for a given set of material systems and parameters.
data (Beach 1977; Blinder and Esaki 1978; Budd and Whitcman 1978; Jantti 1994; Metcalf 1972; Mirer 1973: Schultz 1969; Thurow 1970).
amoena Uhler, 1894 was sister to Speovelia maritima Esaki, 1929 and the remaining congeneric species.
The company chief financial officer, Tim Esaki, said, 'MLP's (the company) first quarter results reflect continued progress as we work through the transition of our operations and focus our efforts on managing and developing our land holdings here on Maui.
DPJ's Esaki sold 2,000 tickets for 300-capacity fundraising party
Tokyo's three-star Japanese restaurants are Araki, Esaki, Hamadaya, Ishikawa, Kanda, Koju, 7chome Kyobashi, Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten, Sushi Mizutani, Sushi Saito, Usukifugu Yamadaya and Yukimura.
At Yamaha we are known for our unique heritage of artisanship and technological know-how, and our partnership with DivX to enhance our video playback capabilities reflects that commitment to excellence," said Shuichi Esaki, AV Technology Development Department Manager, Yamaha.