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physicist honored for advances in solid state electronics (born in Japan in 1925)


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Kinisu said he resigned from Esaki Limited in 2008, but company records list him as a director as recently as June.
The recent study showed that this material is able to act like a spin field effect transistor, spin rectifier and spin Esaki diode.
As a leader in application networking, A10 Networks has impressively contributed to the introduction of IPv6 for a long time," said Dr Hiroshi Esaki, Professor, The University of Tokyo and Chairman of the IPv6-Ready Logo Committee.
Hiroshi Esaki, professor, University of Tokyo and chairman of the
Edited by Manijeh Razeghi, Leo Esaki, and Klaus von Klitzing
BANNU -- Aqwam e Esaki Organization (AEQ) President Malik Sherdad Ali condemned the Federal Government for the prolonged load shedding in the area on Saturday.
Esaki, "A DTN-based sensor data gathering for agricultural applications," IEEE Sensor Journal, Vol.
Itoh Y, Esaki T, Kaneshige M, Suzuki H, Cook M, Sokoloff L, Cheng SY, Nunez J.
Around 1970, Esaki introduced high vacuum techniques in the field of thin film deposition and prepared semiconductor superlattices such as GaAs/AlAs.
Pawlik developed a process to build and test vertical Esaki tunnel diodes smaller than 120 nanometers in diameter, Rommel explained.
CFO Tim Esaki stated, "We continue to recognise improvements in our ongoing cash flow from operations through increased leasing revenues from our primary land holdings, sales of non-core real estate assets and by cost reduction efforts.
data (Beach 1977; Blinder and Esaki 1978; Budd and Whitcman 1978; Jantti 1994; Metcalf 1972; Mirer 1973: Schultz 1969; Thurow 1970).
amoena Uhler, 1894 was sister to Speovelia maritima Esaki, 1929 and the remaining congeneric species.