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There was positive correlation between erythrocyte count and ESR while there was negative correlation between PCV, Hb, MCH in C.
It was calculated from the haemoglobin value (Hb) and from the erythrocyte count (Er) according to the following formular MCV = Hb/Er (Picogramme)(pg) [22].
Because of its large heart, lungs and a high erythrocyte count, the yak can tolerate low oxygen content in the air at high altitude.
On arrival in the laboratory, the samples were inspected visually and an erythrocyte count was performed.
To measure erythrocyte count, arterial blood pH, ion concentrations, plasma glucose, and base deficit in the newborns during the first hour after birth, we collected arterial blood samples (1 mL) from the umbilical cord into heparin-containing tubes without the use of catheters.
3], including 90% mononuclear cells; erythrocyte count was 1 cell/[mm.
Similarly, for CSF protein assays, intracerebral hemorrhage is associated with high erythrocyte count and Hb concentration and a mild increase in CSF protein concentration.