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a nucleated cell in bone marrow from which red blood cells develop

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I regard more than 1 erythroblast per high-power field in the third trimester of pregnancy as abnormal.
They found that selectively eliminating CD169-positive macrophages in mice reduces the number of bone marrow erythroblasts - evidence that these macrophages are indeed vital for the survival of erythroblasts, which develop into RBCs.
Pure red cell aplasia is a rare adverse event characterised by anaemia, low reticulocyte count, absence of erythroblasts, resistance to EPO and neutralising antibodies against EPO (109,110).
A recent review of canine bone marrow disorders characterized CML as having total leukocyte counts >100 000 cells/[micro]l with mostly band and segmented neutrophils, occasional atypical blast cells, hypercellular bone marrow, and increased numbers of granulocytes to erythroblasts.
This erythropoietin apparently acts on the bone marrow by stimulating the conversion of primitive undifferentiated cells to erythroblasts.
These studies found abnormalities in developing erythroblasts and evidence of increased phagocytosis of erythroblasts at various stages of degradation.
To the Editor: Bartonella are fastidious, aerobic, gram-negative, facultative, intracellular bacteria that infect erythrocytes, erythroblasts, endothelial cells, monocytes, and dendritic cells, and are transmitted by arthropod vectors or by animal scratches or bites (16).
Other features are a very low level of erythroblasts in a bone marrow aspirate (less than 5%), and a dramatic increase in serum ferritin, said Dr.
Cyclopamine inhibited the formation of erythroid colonies and delay ed the maturation of erythroblasts in erythroid colonies that did form.
That same year, medical geneticist George Stamatoyannopoulos and hematologist Thalia Papayannopoulou of the University of Washington in Seattle reported in vitro results indicating fetal hemoglobin production is stimulated in human adults by the destruction of erythroblasts, a type of bone marrow cell that begets red blood cells.
Exportin 4, a Potential Amplifier of TGF-B Signaling, Is Increased in Primary Baboon Bone Marrow Erythroblasts Following Decitabine Treatment
Coming from a myelopoietic origin, red blood cells mature from erythroblasts and have a high turnover rate as they are exposed to severe mechanical stress during circulation (45).
GDF15 and TWSG1 are both BMP antagonists produced by erythroblasts and putative components of the erythroid regulator that can inhibit hepcidin expression in vitro.
6) In the subsequent revision of the FAB classification in 1985, (7) the criteria for the diagnosis of AML-M6 were refined to include the following: (1) erythroblasts that represent 50% or more of all nucleated bone marrow cells; (2) prominent dyserythropoiesis; (3) and myeloblasts that represent 30% or more of the nonerythroid cells in the bone marrow.
c) enhanced proliferation and differentiation of erythroblasts