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abnormal redness of the skin resulting from dilation of blood vessels (as in sunburn or inflammation)

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All the second episodes of erythema migrans were caused by a strain that was genotypically distinct from the organism that had caused the first episode.
Systemic symptoms without erythema migrans as the presenting picture of early Lyme disease.
Erythema migrans is a red circular patch that appears at the site of the bite.
clinical diagnosis based on presence of erythema migrans after exposure in a Lyme-endemic area).
The patient was given a diagnosis of erythema migrans, received phenoxymethylpenicillin (1 g, 3x/d for 10 days), and the rash disappeared.
Based upon the results of this study, 36 patients who have Been bitten by the nymphal stage of Ixodes scapularis during the previous 72 hours would need to undergo treatment to prevent the development of one case of erythema migrans.
Physical examination showed erythema migrans, and the patient confirmed that she had been bitten by a tick 10 days earlier.
Erythema migrans, the rash that characterizes most cases of Lyme disease, developed in a significantly smaller proportion of patients given doxycycline than in those given placebo (1 of 235, compared with 8 of 247).
To the Editor: The best diagnostic sign in patients with early Lyme disease is a skin lesion, erythema migrans (EM).
Lyme disease is most often diagnosed when the patient presents with the distinctive erythema migrans rash at the site of an arthropod bite.
Early stages of illness are most readily diagnosed by identification of erythema migrans.
Edwin Masters, has collected a series of patients who had an illness characterized by an erythema migrans rash that was indistinguishable from that seen with Lyme disease.
Erythema migrans (EM), the pathognomonic rash for Lyme disease (LD), occurs in [approximately equal to] 90% of cases (1).
In a double-blind, prospective study, 180 patients aged 16 years and older with the Lyme-associated skin lesion erythema migrans were randomized to receive oral doxycycline, 100 mg twice daily for either 10 or 20 days, Dr.
between the abundance of adult female ticks and reported cases of erythema migrans (a common clinical presentation of Lyme disease) in southern New York State (7).