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Varias especies de Eryngium son comestibles o se cultivan como ornato (Heywood, 1978).
We used more seeds per unit for the smaller seeded species than for the largest seeded species (5 for Liatris ohlingerae, 10 seeds for Eryngium cuneifolium, Polygonella basiramia, and Paronychia chartacea, and 20 for Hypericum cumulicola).
The remaining studies were conducted in temperate areas of Buenos Aires Province: Vucetich & Rossi (1980) described the chemical characteristics of water in the axils of Eryngium pandanifolium Cham & Schltdl.
The Iberian endemic Apiaceae from Portugal belong to eleven genera (Angelica, Bunium, Conopodium, Daucus, Distichoselinum, Eryngium, Ferula, Ferulago, Laserpitium, Seseli and Thapsia) and 14 taxa are referred (Table 1; Figs.
Cypero badii-Menthetum cervinae, which differs from Menthetum cervinae due to the presence of Eryngium galioides, Marsilea batardae and Cyperus badius (dif.
Gray (Asteraceae), Cacalia tuberosa Nutt (Asteraceae), Eryngium yuccifolium Michx.
Nuevas citas para Argentina y Uruguay, y notas sobre Eryngium, sect.
The top 10 recommended plants, for instance, are buddleja davidii, caryopteris, globe artichoke, eryngium, evening primrose, hebe, honeysuckle, jasmine, nicotiana and verbena.
During the dormant season, many species such as acanthus (bear's britches), aesculus (horse chestnut), aralia, chaenomeles (flowering quince), eryngium (sea holly), papaver (poppy), romneya (Californian poppy) and spiraea canbepropagatedbytaking root cuttings.
Eryngium x oliverianum is from the smashing sea-holly family.
NATURE'S FINEST Top, Miss Willmott's Ghost, above, seaside plant Eryngium bourgatii, sea holly, right, Cortaderia richardii, a relative of the pampas grass