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Species such as Eryngium bourgatii, in particular its blue and violet forms, are versatile plants, thriving in arid conditions and gracing hot, dry beds with colour and sparkle from their spiky bracts.
Other small kinds include Eryngium bourgatii , 30cm (1ft) tall, with blue or green flowers.
Another couple of plants worthy of mention are the Eryngiums and Penstemons.
This week's online offer is 5 Eryngium Alpinum (Blue Star) which produce dramatic silver blue flowers that are ideal for dried arrangements.
THIS week's online offer is five giant flowering Eryngium Alpinum Blue Star for half price, only pounds 4.
Thistles are the flowers most associated with Scotland so we've used blue eryngium with artichoke flowers which look just like giant purple thistles.
The deep red colour of these Dutch grown roses combines perfectly with the blue of the thistle, the cultivated eryngium.
The most reliable types include the true sea holly, Eryngium maritimum, a British native coastal plant, 30 cm (1ft) tall, that deserves to be more widely grown in gardens.
GROWING ORGANIC: (From left) Eryngium, delphinium and sisyrinchium.
The silver spires of Eryngium 'Miss Wilmott's Ghost' make for superb companion planting as not only is it showy in its own right, it provides a fabulous foil set amongst other dynamically coloured plants such as reds and blues or within ornamental grasses.
Mae rhai aelodau o deulu'r foronen nad ydyn nhw'n edrych yn ddim byd tebyg i'r blodau sydd a phennau cyfansawdd, er enghraifft celyn y mor (sea holly, eryngium maritimum) - un o'r blodau gwyllt harddaf sydd gennym ar yr arfordir yn fy marn i.
For a more rustic take at your Scottish event, create a moorland in a vase by combining spiky eryngium and feathery limonium with other purple flowers such as veronica and lisianthus with textured foliage for a luscious look.