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Austrian physicist who discovered the wave equation (1887-1961)


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Erwin Schrodinger (1) escapes Austria for Ireland, taking along his mistress, his wife, and takes up another mistress while there.
In that year, Erwin Schrodinger, the noted physicist, published his treatise, "What is life?
According to the great physicist Erwin Schrodinger (Nobel Prize, 1933), "physical theory in its present stage strongly suggests the indestructibility of Mind by Time.
Nobel Prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrodinger once wrote that "the device by which an organism maintains itself at a fairly high level of orderliness .
First the book What is Life (1944) by Erwin Schrodinger, in which he described chromosomes as containing 'hereditary code-script', explaining that 'the term code-script is, of course, too narrow.
Idempotent mathematics and mathematical physics; international workshop, February 3-10, 2003, Erwin Schrodinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics, Vienna, Austria.
Erwin Schrodinger, the famous theoretical physicist, has stated that "a living organism has the astonishing gift of concentrating a stream of order onto itself and thus escaping the decay into atomic chaos.
a book interpreting biological phenomena in terms of quantum mechanics (a series of lectures given in Dublin in 1943), Erwin Schrodinger begins each chapter (lecture) with a quotation from either Goethe or Spinoza, the great pantheist.
In this three-volume set aimed at high school, undergraduate, and general readers, Spradley (Wheaton College) assembles about 350 biographies of scientists in various fields, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, math, physics, and related disciplines, arranged in alphabetical order by scientist, from Aristotle, to James Prescott Joule, to Erwin Schrodinger, to Fritz Zwicky.
Another scientist Erwin Schrodinger toyed with Einstein's equations, moving the constant from the left to the right.
Erwin Schrodinger and Werner Heisenberg describe a new atomic theory in different but complementary terms, laying out the field of quantum mechanics (3/17/28, p.
Historically, the inconsistency of the second law and living systems was addressed by Nobel Laureate Erwin Schrodinger in his 1944 book What is Life?
Austrian physicist and Nobel Prize-winner Erwin Schrodinger was another notorious womaniser.
The game's quirky take on the classic quantum physics conundrum posed by Erwin Schrodinger, Schrodinger's Cat, serves as a great introduction for children and others unfamiliar with scientific concepts, and an amusing backdrop for those who catch the references within the game's story.
German-American physicist Hans Bethe (1906-2005) was among the young generation of scientists of the late 1920s and early 1930s who worked on wide-ranging applications and extensions of quantum mechanics after its initial formulation by such foundational figures as Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger.