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United States basketball forward (born in 1950)

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In the statement, Erving thanked his friends and fans for their well wishes and prayers.
Initiatorul perspectivei drama-turgice asupra sociologiei, Erving Goffman defineste institutia totala ca fiind "un loc in care isi desfasoara viata si activitatea un numar mare de indivizi cu statut similar, despartiti de restul societatii pentru o perioada de timp apreciabila si care duc impreuna o viata strict delimitata, reglementata oficial de institutie.
Bryant said he tried to pattern his game after Erving while growing up in suburban Philadelphia.
Erving, 62, faced a nail-biting wait before discovering he had scooped first prize after Takeover Target, the sole runner in his Byker Royals entry on the final day of the competition, could manage only third in the Golden Jubilee Stakes.
NORMAN ERVING from Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, scooped the pounds 40,000 first prize in the Royal Ascot edition of Select-a-Stable.
After discovering he had won, Erving said: "I was looking at the results and I didn't know if the six points Takeover Target got were enough.
Huge scorers like Abdul-Jabbar, Jordan, Baylor, Robertson, Erving, Maravich, and West never even came close.
In the early 1960s Erving Goffman posed the question, "how does the stigmatized individual respond to his (sic) situation?
She also notes that former basketball great Julius Erving serves on the board of Saks Inc.
The Honorable Whalen had a distinguished career in both private practice as an attorney with the Albany law firm, Cooper, Erving & Savage and in the public arena.
She was subsequently convicted and is erving a life sentence.
J" Erving, after O'Neal won the 2001 NBA Championship MVP honors.
Meanwhile, Stevenson refused to speak about the revelation that her father is former USA basketball star Julius `Dr J' Erving.
Currently active in various marketing and civic activities, Erving was twice named NBA All-Star MVP during his 16-year career.