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United States author remembered for novels about poverty and degeneration (1903-1987)

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Erskine Caldwell, Glasgow's alternate example of Southern Gothic, does not share Faulkner's appropriation of the traditional Gothic formula.
Erskine Caldwell and the Fiction of Poverty: The Flesh and the Spirit.
It c learly resembles the Erskine Caldwell South, an allegory broad enough to attract readers across the country" (Klein 269-70).
Georgia Boys: The Redclay Satyrs of Erskine Caldwell and Harry Crews," Virginia Quaterly Review, 56 (1986), 619.
7) Erskine Caldwell, Tobacco Road (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1995), p.
Keneth Kinnamon observes that, in addition to these novels, "several reviewers likened Wright to the socially conscious novelists Erskine Caldwell, Charles Dickens, James T.
The Critical Response to Erskine Caldwell, edited by Robert L.
The first of these, Erskine Caldwell Reconsidered (1990), edited by Edwin T.
Dove Audio announced that it has just acquired two Erskine Caldwell titles, "God's Little Acre" and "Tobacco Road" -- both of which Burt Reynolds will be reading.
There was Woody Guthrie with his ballads about the injustices suffered by the poor folk, the sharecroppers and dirt-scratchers, which seemed to strum through the stories of John Steinbeck and Erskine Caldwell.
His 1979 Pembroke Magazine essay, "Reasons for Reading, Studying, and Teaching Erskine Caldwell," sharply protests Caldwell's exclusion from the canon of modern American literature, calling it "one of the major embarrassments of recent literary history" (p.
The effort to revive Erskine Caldwell in the consciousness of readers and scholars has been lurching along for over two decades now.
A biographer, I thought, could not ask for a better subject than Erskine Caldwell," Miller concluded (p.
Longstreet, Sidney Lanier, Margaret Mitchell, Erskine Caldwell, Carson McCullers, Flannery O'Connor, Frank Yerby, Alice Walker, James Dickey, Pat Conroy, and others.
The South in which Erskine Caldwell Sets his major fictional and nonfictional writings of the 1930s is a region which is literally exhausted.