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any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland

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While it is of course predictable to find references to Scotland also in the entries for Erse and Gaelic, Highlander and Scotchman, the ways in which the entries for whig and yankee appear to differ in the 1828 and in the 1868 editions is quite interesting.
TD receivables are legally recognised and are based on full-year estimates produced by ERSE in accordance with the legal framework.
This convergence is expected despite the reduction in access tariffs announced by ERSE of 0.
One gabbing away asking how my cousin's dad is getting on and the other lying on her front with her bare erse staring us out.
I felt like telling him to hurry up, move his erse, the rules apply to everybody.
The day Pietersen walks away, a young English talent th Th The erse away, Engli desperate to get picked smashes 115 from 77 balls to take his side to victory.
REFEREE Mike McCurry's day started picking a cable out of his linesman's backside and finished with Inverness claiming he'd made an erse of their big chance to end their Dons hoodoo.
According to Julio Erse, partner and co-founder of Nitor, "In the beginning, like so many other hedge funds we ran the business on spreadsheets.
always happ it always w There is now for a young talen their hand u 'pick me Just wha Tayl Not Ha intS ca th Th The erse away, Engli Just look at what James Taylor did for Notts against Hampshire in front of the Sky Sports cameras in the CB40 on Thursday.
Offset 6: ansa chain erse hush paul roil wong Paulo
Because just as Well would never have believed the fat end of Bertie's banjo could have hit a coo's erse, neither did Rangers expect anything other than to get the cigars out for the next 88 minutes.
This is the initial year of reporting, and as a result no comparative earnings data are erse market conditions.
I've had more seconds this year than Cassius Clay had in his corner when Henry Cooper's hammer put him on his erse back in 1963.
more an idea - d meet nd and erse around end I'd only ments, just t of be if that some imag them seen like rem mak You to e agr Th ha do de al aga concept, but g i i You're notorious for saying yes to everything, so do you regret agreeing to write the book?
ERSE robots, dedicated to Engel tie-barless machines from 28 to 660 tons are designed to place parts and/or sprues on a conveyor integrated in machine frame.