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a disputed factual contention that is generally left for a jury to decide

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Dr Mark Tester of Cambridge University and a BBC scientific adviser, said: "It presents ridiculous errors of fact that inflame anti-GM hysteria.
They place the publishers under obligation to take the initiative on making changes when errors of fact are found.
UPS spokesman Norman Black confirmed a report in Bermuda's Royal Gazette that the company has decided to appeal the decision, saying, "We believe there were various serious errors of fact and errors of law" that led to the ruling.
371) contains important errors of fact that should be corrected.
If Ferguson's political verve and historical knowledge serve her well in these two chapters, it leaves her vulnerable and almost embarrassingly inept in the chapters on works of fiction, where there are problems ranging from simple errors of fact to gross distortions of emphasis, making Annie John, for example, into a philippic on colonial power rather than a series of stories on the growth and incipient independence of a young girl.
Very few errors of fact have crept into this carefully crafted a text.
Edison officials expressed disappointment with the judge's proposed decision, citing numerous errors of fact and misapplication of financial principles.
Northfield Laboratories (NASDAQ: NFLD) released the following statement in response to a Wall Street Journal article on the company published February 22, 2006: The Wall Street Journal article, "Amid Alarm Bells, Blood Substitute Keeps Pumping" contains several errors of fact and misinterprets the Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution (ANH) clinical trial protocol and results.
But how may errors of fact can be contained in the first 45-minute episode?
The book would have benefited from more careful revising, which might have better assimilated the impressive documentary material and permitted the avoidance of some errors of fact, such as the postdating of Lorenzo de' Medici's death by eight months (151) or the inexact definition of the Biblioteca Moreniana as a collection of the Biblioteca Riccardiana instead of as a library in its own right (x and 38, n.
In a no-holds-barred counter-offensive to Mrs O'Loan Sir Ronnie in his report accused her of serious errors of fact and omission, misunderstandings and failing to give identified officers an opportunity to defend themselves.