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a disputed factual contention that is generally left for a jury to decide

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336) Mehra does not point out their errors of fact (in this case Bell being in Lhasa at the same time as Huang Musung,) and one is sometimes left unsure as to whether what is being stated is by the reviewer or the reviewed.
Boisture's critique of the report cites other errors of fact and omission, and most of them disappointed me in the same way.
Over against Beale's view that the Scriptures must not be held to contain errors of fact, Lamoureux argues, following Peter Enns, that "literary genre dictates biblical interpretation" (p.
While almost all the pieces included have been reprinted before, this edition has corrected misspellings and minor errors of fact.
The evidence presented to the GTC was conflicting and some statements were unsigned; there were material errors of fact.
Specifically, the plaintiff claimed that the arbitrator relied on parole evidence to reform the contract, the arbitrator failed to apply the 'clear and convincing' standard, and the award contained gross errors of fact.
John Brabin, Walton We should respect the opinions of others but we should also correct errors of fact.
The council's 15 members unanimously supported the presidential statement and it is impossible to reverse the decision unless errors of fact are found, the source said.
The book also contains several errors of fact and dating, and some unguarded generalizations.
Compare Orfield, supra, at 424 (defining writ as means to correct errors of fact apparent on the record), and Wheatley, supra note 2, [section] 2 (defining use of writ for errors of fact), with Trenkler v.
The reporting, in respect to my testimony, made substantial errors of fact that could easily have been checked with me.
Cursory and careless generalizations of his sources, specific errors of fact, as well as misspelled names continue when the author addresses more modern events.
Our eldest, sweet as she is, thinks nothing of correcting others' grammar and simply and without guile informing her parents of their errors of fact, sometimes with proof she finds from respectable Internet sources.
While enjoying your informative and interesting article about BNET in the November 2007 issue ("Focus on BNET"), as the creator of BNET I can attest to a few errors of fact.