error correction code

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(telecommunication) a coding system that incorporates extra parity bits in order to detect errors

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The VSC9273, VSC9271, and VSC9211 offer transparent error detection and correction techniques that help maintain signal integrity for transmission in environments with increased optical attenuation, dispersion, and noise.
6285 MHz, the VCXO is ideal for Forward Error Correction, per the Reed-Solomon 255,239 algorithm, which allows for error detection and correction within the same byte-block.
One of the keys to Solid Data's 2 million-hour mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) its extensive Error Correction Code (ECC) algorithm that utilizes a full 64 bytes per 512 bytes for error detection and correction.
The processor also boasts advanced reliability features, including extensive error detection and correction on all of the processor's major data structures and an advanced Machine Check Architecture for intelligent error management and recovery of complex platform errors to prevent data loss, corruption and down time.
requirement for improved error detection and correction, the
The MegaRam-200F employs powerful Reed-Solomon error detection and correction for the highest system reliability.
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