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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance

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An alternative way of presenting error distributions is to report errors at certain points on the distributions.
Given the unpredictable nature of random measurement error, 1 have plotted three different theoretical measurement error distributions for Hgb concentrations of 10 g/dL, 10.
Five out of the six candidate models describing male morphological measurements and secondary sexual characteristics obtained a better fit with the log-normal error distribution for all sample sites (Table 4).
The central premise of this paper is that the uncertainty in this estimate is better characterized by identifying a certain number of days in the pre-retrofit that closely match the specific values of the regreesor set for the postretrofit day j and then determining the error distribution from this set of days.
This approach is easy to implement and shall provide nice results by shifting the hedging error distribution.
The first two tests are based on estimators Quasi-Residuals technique while the last test based on estimators of the variance of the error distributions.
The error distribution for measuring boards had a nearly flat mode about 5-mm wide because shell heights are automatically truncated by measuring boards to the next lowest 5-mm shell-height bin.
The number of arguments [xi] of the approximation function corresponding to the number of factors that have a maximum effect on the error, is determined by an empirical error distribution analysis in accordance with histograms defined by the equation
Normal error distribution verification is the first test.
These interpolated heights were compared to the actual value for each location, and the error distribution was summarized.
This pattern indicates that an error distribution with heavier tails might be more appropriate given the data (Weisberg 1985).
Further, since decisions are made in sequence and the underlying model assumes that people can make errors, the calculation of posteriors requires a consideration of the error distribution for all previous rounds.
Findings support the use of a more generalized error distribution.
Even if we posit an error distribution Pr(x [where] [x.