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Synonyms for erratum

an act or thought that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true

Synonyms for erratum

a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

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The index presents a separate set of problems, which can be overcome by contacting John Tedeschi for a complete errata sheet.
The publisher Hug has issued an errata sheet for the inaugural edition of the Samtliche Werke, enclosing it with this newer volume.
An errata sheet lists corrections only for the first chapter; a second sheet supplies text and notes omitted from the first printing of p.
Warwickshire council officers said the payment was on the basis that the balance is not paid until a full errata sheet is received from Birmingham-based consultants W S Atkins.
What we published was riddled with typographical errors, dropped words, garbled sentences far too many for us to simply publish an errata sheet.
The included CD-ROM offers a set of images (an errata sheet indicates that the CD-ROM's collection is incomplete and that the complete set can be found online).
Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(e), witnesses can use an errata sheet to correct typographical errors and any inaccurate testimony.
However, despite purported corrections, Judge Holloway was found guilty as charged "to the extent that the errata sheet was misleading, vague, incomplete, inaccurate, and intended to keep secret inappropriate contact with Judge Stoddard.
An errata sheet is being filed with the court alerting them to this mistake.
A few days after the deposition is transcribed, the client sheepishly hands his attorney his completed errata sheet.
I hope that some of the more egregious errors will soon be excised in a reprinting; failing that, an errata sheet would be a start.