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I write this essay out of concern with how the culture of shaming and the disciplining of desire places a stranglehold on black women's sexual experiences and explorations of longing, attachment, and erotic pleasure.
The connection Berry makes between erotic pleasure and fertility is not politically correct when brought into the arena of human sexuality, and most ecofeminists find Berry's pro-life stance troubling.
in its insistence on the subject of erotic pleasure, and its identification of a deliberate erotics in texts produced in medieval Britain" (15).
erotic pleasure," especially in Sebastian; the gender ambiguities in Passion representations of Christ in monastic and hermetic literature, practice, and art; and finally, the erotic power of the ithyphallic Christ as Man of Sorrows, whose current theological interpretation Mills augments with sexuality (106, 117, 149).
One of his concerns was the erotic pleasure to be had from sitting in a bowl of Shredded Wheat, and he worried about how you could drink hygienically from the gutter.
Now a confident, beautiful young man, Legba (Menothy Cesar) is the star attraction for the sexually frustrated middle-aged women who fly down to the island in search of erotic pleasure.
For Schwartz, poems must confront the origins of one desire that is violence and another that is erotic pleasure.
Only gay artists, in this schema, manage to represent erotic pleasure untainted by anxiety or phallic privilege.
48 L-P); here too the erotic pleasure gives way to the joy of insult.
All sexoids would share one trait: a strong appetite to give and receive erotic pleasure.
Once lusty Europeans could book a ticket to erotic pleasure on some of the specially chartered trains out of Shanghai.
Sherman's representation of female sexuality, in contrast, indulges the desire to see, to make sure of the private and the forbidden, but withholds both narcissistic identification with the female body and that body's objectification as the basis for erotic pleasure.
What does it mean for a feminist who has won her self-respect as an adult by breaking the bonds of feminine socialization turn back, however playfully, in order to retrieve seeds of erotic pleasure that were planted originally in her pre-feminist mind?
Stoller questions femininity, though her autonomous objects and cornucopian still-lives attract with trompe Voeil virtuosity and seduce with luscious voluptuousness--the colour, delicacy and rococo flare are indicative of frivolity, excess and erotic pleasure.
Because women's erotic pleasure was understood to be necessary for conception--and as Traub points out, medical writers considered female satisfaction important only for that reason--the clitoris, not the uterus, came to be seen as the counterpart of the male "yard.