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I write this essay out of concern with how the culture of shaming and the disciplining of desire places a stranglehold on black women's sexual experiences and explorations of longing, attachment, and erotic pleasure.
The connection Berry makes between erotic pleasure and fertility is not politically correct when brought into the arena of human sexuality, and most ecofeminists find Berry's pro-life stance troubling.
Sue Niebrzydowski's "'So wel koude he me glose': The Wife of Bath and the Eroticism of Touch" considers the intersection of textual and erotic pleasures in regard to Chaucer's lusty wife and the textual/sexual pleasures of glossing.
The Renaissance of Lesbianism in Early Modern England is a work of sustained brilliance that opens pathways for further work--on the history of the family and of sexuality, on early modern understandings of the body, on the linguistic expression of erotic pleasure, on phenomenologies of difference and attraction--and sets a high standard for further work in these fields.
If we use our imagination and our good humor, we can foresee sexoids improving the human lot in many ways: * High-quality erotic pleasure could be made available to every adult.
Once lusty Europeans could book a ticket to erotic pleasure on some of the specially chartered trains out of Shanghai.
Sherman's representation of female sexuality, in contrast, indulges the desire to see, to make sure of the private and the forbidden, but withholds both narcissistic identification with the female body and that body's objectification as the basis for erotic pleasure.
That Aubrey's lust for Dianthe is undoubtedly prompted by her debilitated condition is crucial, because it establishes the lethal link between erotic pleasure and sadism.
Janes puts more emphasis on the secret, mysterious quality, however, thus coming closer, as she herself suggests, to the practices of Tantra: to identify mysticism with eroticism postulating erotic pleasure as the origin of spiritual ascension.
In a quite stimulating piece, Peter Goodrich argues that the history of the law has forgotten or excluded what he calls the "gay science" promoted in the late medieval courts of love in France which saw love as a matter of erotic pleasure and personal intimacy, assigned women elevated positions, and thus threatened both canon and Roman law, which consequently abetted its suppression.
Emerging as a healed person may be redemptive, but not through reconciliation with erotic pleasure, as Lorde argues.
Carew's poetry, if it seems remote from Sidney's humanism, represents an access of meaning for a revised Petrarchism that releases, rather than represses, desires f or erotic pleasure and power.
McDowell's account of how narrating/observing another's torture can result in a complex blend of impotence and erotic pleasure returns us to the question of what Wilson herself achieves by recounting her persona's sufferings.
Just as the Metamorphoses make clear that the Golden Age is long gone and out of reach, the urbane teachings of All Ovids Elegies take for granted our congenital depravity, and harness the twists and curves of our blemished appetites in a poetry that articulates the contradictions of our amorous and erotic pleasures and pains with delicate and vigorous delight.
New York, June 21 (ANI): A window washer has penned a new book in which he details the erotic pleasures of strangers and how they lost their virginity.