erotic love

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a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction

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Erotic love is morally dangerous because of its intense exclusivity, its uncontrollable neediness, its rampant excesses, and its sinister capacity to wreck what it has wrought.
As has been noted, Gilka paid dearly for writing about erotic love and women's sexuality--subjects regarded until quite recently in Brazil and elsewhere as the provenance of men.
72) This type of love is not disinterested, remote, without feeling and bent on control, but is rather "a compassionate erotic love, which fuels our desire for justice, arises from particular (subjective) experiences and does not hesitate to make judgments about that which is not compassionate and does not promote justice.
True, in The Symposium the dialogue starts with the topic of erotic love (paiderastia) in the speech of Phaedrus, but it ends up with "Platonic love" when Socrates refuses to have erotic love with Alcibiades, despite the pleasure Socrates might have had with the beautiful young man.
He explained: ``I think it's important to bring out the drama of the piece and the amazing variety of colors - everything from the drinking chorus' crazed abandoned to this really sensuous, erotic love poetry and everything in between.
Although Lasse Hallstrom's film has been marketed (in the United States at least) as an erotic love story, it is not.
Nearly all the characters lie a good deal of the time; most have earth-shatteringly banal secrets (the landlady, for example, sees a psychiatrist weekly and spends time alone in the apartment of her sister and the sister's writer lover, who might be the Cyrano behind the erotic love letters).
He began with proud, almost flamencolike gestures; then he and a female dancer engaged in a spontaneous celebration of erotic love.
The touch of Your Hand: Erotic Love Stories edited by Barbara Grier and Christine Cassidy (Naiad, $14.
The account closes with a discussion of a treatise on erotic love by a Morisco exile in Tunisia.
He takes as his starting-point the observation that the essentially private nature of erotic love serves paradoxically as a central theme of narrative, where what is secret is made publicly known.
Hot off the success of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "Y Tu Mama Tambien," IFC Films today acquired all US rights to Jean-Pierre Limosin's ("Tokyo Eyes," "L'Autre Nuit") erotic love story "Novo" at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival from Celluloid Dreams, it was announced today by Jonathan Sehring, President of IFC Entertainment.
She first discusses the role of romantic and erotic love in history and how it was affected by marriage's other dimensions, especially how spouses were chosen; how spouses learned what marriage meant and demanded of them, the parameters of its rules and guidelines, and its purpose and rewards; the evolution of weddings and the married state; realities of daily life; aspects of child-rearing, from contraception to mourning, as well as the role of step-parents; and ways spouses have responded to marital dissension, such as bigamy, separation, divorce, and murder.
Ad manus, where heart-wrenching suspensions symbolise Christ's wounds, had many highly charged moments, as did the steamily sensuous Ad cor, which deals with erotic love.
The faithful and celibate priest witnesses to this ability all the time, because his entire life is devoted not to erotic love, or conjugal love, or love based on feelings, but agape love, which is a sacrificial love, a love that exists on the level of the will.