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a statement that is formulated as a question but that is not supposed to be answered

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This happens in the case of enallage of person, erotema or rhetorical question, and exclamation or ecphonesis.
Erotema is not a real question, but a statement intoned or punctuated as a question.
Indeed, her ironic employment of erotema, the rhetorical question, to describe her stake in the realm's safety and the quality of her rule over it demonstrates her reliance on classical rhetorical norms: "Was I not born in the realm?
The speaker's question, whether understood as an erotema, that is, an indignant rhetorical question, or as a prayerful petition, radically interrogates the intrinsic nature of Deity.
At any rate, the narrator's use of erotema would seem to be a frantic rhetorical attempt to encourage acceptance in his audience of the theory of perversity.