soil erosion

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the washing away of soil by the flow of water

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Ag Soil Zones arc used for reporting on the following themes: soil acidity, wind erosion, water erosion, soil organic carbon, soil compaction, water repellence, and nutrient status (phosphorus).
Efforts should be made to adopt the GIS, with the aim of counteracting the negative effects of development, such as soil erosion, soil salinity, soil pollution and flooding.
And it is damning of the authority's assertion that overgrazing by sheep is a main cause of erosion, soil compaction and plant loss.
Owner generated (current & past) USGS quadrangle map Studies/Surveys Erosion, soil conservation Evacuation maps Flood plain, drainage Forest management plan Geology GPS Historical/Cultural/Archeological Land use Professional Engineers Surveyor Soil studies, testing, analysis Vegetation, habitat, noxious weeds Water basins Wildlife Maps--Utility Electric lines/meters Gas/propane lines/storage Septic/sewer Storm drainage Telephone/data lines Waterlines/wells/fire hydrants Well test holes Building/Structures Plans (attach a detailed list) Property Plans Operational plan (1-2 years) Long-range property (5-10 years) Master plan (10+ years) Systems Contact info (utility, services, etc.
Quine TA, Zhang Y (2002) An investigation of spatial variation in soil erosion, soil properties and crop production within an agricultural field in Devon, UK.
It is at risk of extinction because of habitat damage caused by erosion, soil compaction, habitat fragmentation, disturbance by people and pets, yard waste dumping, and introduction of nonnative species.