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Commenting on the opening, Deepak Babani, Eros Group CEO
Eros and Venus act both as literal characters and as archetypal signifiers.
Apart from the usual tablets, home appliances and smartphones segments, Eros sees growth coming from the wearable segment this year.
Eros immediately planned a rush-release of 'Om Shanti Om'," a source close to both the actor said.
EROS can be viewed on Punch TV Network as part of its Fall lineup of shows.
After we stroll through the showroom and exit, Babani smilingly reveals that he constantly monitors the quality of service rendered by the store staff across all the Eros outlets.
This carved marble speaks eloquently of the overlapping spheres of sleep and desire revealed by Greek poets when they describe the limb-loosening effects of Thanatos (the personification of death), Hypnos (sleep) and Eros (love/desire).
47) Anne Bathurst Gilson, Eros Breaking Free: Interpreting Sexual Theo-Ethics (Cleveland: Pilgrim, 1995) 59.
The intentional character of eros we discussed above would already require a modification of this claim, but Diotima's observation here brings out a further problem with it.
Among these, a feminist eros stretches toward a world of justice and beauty while an eros of the cosmos imagines God's eros as desire for creation and the creature not just for their sakes, but also for God's.
One interpretation of the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche is that true love means the attraction of desire (Eros) to a person's soul (Psyche).
Together with his two sons, Phillip and Iain, Brian set-up Eros Aluminium Systems Ltd just 12 months ago and, despite the recession, has seen the business go from strength to strength.
I WAS interested to read about the statue of Eros being replaced on the Shaftesbury Fountain, in Sefton Park.
The statues' wings lift upward at the tips, which is very unusual among Chinese gods but the same with those of the Eros on the mural paintings," Huo said.
We see many parallels in the way Dubai Customs treats it clients and the way we at Eros focus on our customer.