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any area of the body especially sensitive to sexual stimulation

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This is because it requires a "new way of thinking about your climax" and depends heavily on your sexual awareness, knowledge of your body and erogenous zones and the physical and mental mechanisms that trigger pleasure.
First stroke their erogenous zones, then lightly rub them, before using a circular motion.
Personally, I would go looking for the secret erogenous zones and hang my Facebook friend out to dry, but that's just me.
There will be no "real exhibits" but instead the theme park will include life-sized silicone-made models which visitors can touch to discover erogenous zones.
Sexual chemistry, erogenous zones and orgasms will all be explained in the permanent exhibition, as well as sexually transmitted diseases and erectile dysfunction.
JENNY, Hollywood, BirminghamAFEET and legs are sensitive erogenous zones with a mass of nerve endings, Jenny.
But there is a drawback to the decision to organize content around erogenous zones.
Draw a chart on your lover's body, mapping out all their erogenous zones (make sure you use something that is water soluble
Many of the characters in ``Friends and Lovers'' are so obsessed with the dimensions of human erogenous zones that you soon wish they had all been given tape measures ahead of time so they could strip and get it over with.
Since then, Newsweek says, this formula has been a road much travelled: "Anything that limits personal freedom is darkness--except for these seven spiritual laws, these ten celestine insights, this map of your erogenous zones.
One of the sections of the site executives expect to be especially popular is called the "Love Zone," where users can click on the erogenous zones of a cyberperson and hear the reaction through a sound-generating software application.
The glamorization of these particular protrusions and cleavages in the erogenous zones of our collective imagination has damaged both them and us.
Useful sexual techniques include body massages, stimulation of alternate erogenous zones, fantasizing with your partner, and sensate focus exercises (as described by Masters and Johnson).
Also, now available in the same markets, the new flexible, silicone-based We-Vibe Touch personal massager is a powerful, waterproof, rechargeable, and long-lasting erogenous zones, and all-over, body massager.
Tell her you love her body, paying special attention to her erogenous zones, such as her armpits, cankles and bunions.