Ernst Heinrich Haeckel

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German biologist and philosopher


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German biologist Ernst Haeckel illustrated and described thousands of deep-sea specimens collected during the 1873-76 H.
4 BIOLOGICAL TURN 2: CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS AND ERNST HAECKEL In Georges Didi-Huberman's exhibition "Atlas" at ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany, Christopher Williams's photograph of a jellyfish, Pacific Sea Nettle.
Nineteenth-century scientist Ernst Haeckel reconciled the profound conflict between objective, cold science and subjective, emotional art to become one of his century's preeminent biologists, artists, and naturalists.
I have always loved looking at Nature and scaling it up, like the incredible work of German naturalist and artist Ernst Haeckel.
BRONN, ERNST HAECKEL, AND THE ORIGINS OF GERMAN DARWINISM: A Study in Translation and Transformation by Sander Gliboff.
In 1866 Ernst Haeckel advanced the classification game by grouping microorganisms into their own kingdom, Protista.
In his book, The Scientific Origins of National Socialism, Daniel Gasman posits that it was 19th century German scientific biology generally and the biophilosophy of Ernst Haeckel specifically laid the ideological groundwork of the Third Reich and the radical policies of Nazi biopolitics.
In 1866 the German zoologist and social Darwinist Ernst Haeckel published his book Generelle Morphologie in which the word 'ecology' was first coined.
Darwin said that "by far the strongest class of facts" that proved his theory came from embryology--in particular relying on German biologist Ernst Haeckel.