Ernest Walton

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Irish physicist who (with Sir John Cockcroft in 1931) first split an atom (1903-1995)

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For their work in which field did John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton share a Nobel prize in 1951?
Cathcart finds that this fact makes the achievement of British physicists John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton almost inconceivable.
At the story's centre was Ernest Rutherford and, later, Ernest Walton and John Cock-croft and others.
TOP 10:Toulouse play at Stade Toulouse and Stade Ernest Walton.
Ernest Walton, of Oxenholme Crescent, said: ``Not a single new home has been built, instead the estate is littered with building sites and derelict houses.
Britons John Cockroft and Ernest Walton introduce nuclear energy.