Ernest Orlando Lawrence

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United States physicist who developed the cyclotron (1901-1958)

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Ernest Orlando Lawrence who invented the cyclotron (a particle accelerator), and after whom two major Energy Department laboratories in Berkeley and Livermore, California are named.
It seemed to the American physicist Ernest Orlando Lawrence (1901-1958) that, instead of pushing the particles ever onward, it might be handier to make them travel in circles, giving them a magnetic-field push each time they came around.
The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Ernest Orlando Lawrence of the University of California for his development of the cyclotron and for subsequent discoveries in the field of radioactivity, specifically the study of artificially radioactive elements.
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Energy Environmental Technologies Division
Zinkle (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) has been named a winner of the Department of Energy's Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award, which honors mid-career scientists and engineers for exceptional contributions in research and development.
Secretary of Energy, Samuel Bodman, recently named eight winners of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award which honors scientists and engineers at mid-career for their contributions in R&D.
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has been a leader in science and engineering technology for more than 65 years, serving as a powerful resource to meet national needs.