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German chemist (1825-1909)

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i) Ten grams of each grain samples were aseptically weighed and transferred separately to 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks containing 100 ml of sterilized water and 10 g of sterilized sand (a dispersing agent).
Skim milk (SKM) 10% (w/v) was heated by autoclave at 105[degrees]C for 5 min, each erlenmeyer containing 50 ml of the sterile skim milk was inoculated with freeze-dried cells of respective dadih LAB and incubated at 30[degrees]C until the milk coagulated.
2cm) were transferred into 400 ml of MS-medium supplemented with 2,4 D in 11 Erlenmeyer flasks and kept in the dark at 25[degrees]C on a shaker (EB swip, 120rpm).
Contract awarded for To supply, deliver, install and commission 2 units Illuminated Environment Control Shaker included Universal Platform, Stainless Steel Clamps for Erlenmeyer Flasks (100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 ml ) and Test Tubes Racks for 15 and 50 ml culture tubes.
2%--Sigma-Aldrich[TM]) was weighed and put into 125-ml Erlenmeyer flask and dissolved with 50 ml of acetonitrile in a Gyratory shaker for 10 mins.
in length with 2-4 nodes) was transferred from Erlenmeyer flasks to the sterilized reactor culture vessel under a clean air laminar hood provided with HEPA filter.
Equipment were used in this study includes heater equipped to magnetic mixer, autoclave, disposable 8 centimeter plate, flame light connected to gas, 10 centimeter glassy tube, erlenmeyer flask.
To investigate desorption efficiency of different eluents, metal laden immobilized cells were filtered and after soaking in filter paper to remove any liquid adhered, these beads were transferred to 50 ml eluents taken in 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask.
1ml of trace elements solution was added to each flask containing 50ml sterile fermentation medium in 250ml Erlenmeyer flasks.
Supernatant was then transferred into a separating flask and the lower phase [chloroform phase] was drained off into a 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask containing 4 g anhydrous sodium sulfate and shaken vigorously.
Inoculum (25 ml) was prepared in 100 ml Erlenmeyer flasks containing 30 g [l.