Erle Stanley Gardner

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writer of detective novels featuring Perry Mason (1889-1970)


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Although Agatha Christie's presentation was regarded superb in relation to the language, Erle Stanley Gardner knew the language which will go very well with the readers.
But even if Safi reportedly outsold her, Agatha Christie, Erle Stanley Gardner, P G Wodehouse, and Arthur Conan Doyle were in a league of their own - specialists in their field.
I discovered that Pass the Gravy was part of a series, the twenty-nine-book Cool and Lam series Erle Stanley Gardner wrote under the pseudonym of A.
If Erle Stanley Gardner was still alive and writing his wonderful Perry Mason mystery series, he'd probably call this one the "Case of the Missing Tombstone.
In February, during the annual World Archery Festival & Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame added Bob Lee, Ray Gooding, Bob Foulkrod, and Erle Stanley Gardner to its ranks.
THE last episode of the original series (which ran from 1961-7), The Case Of The Final Fade-out, was marked by the presence of the PM creator Erle Stanley Gardner guest-starring as the presiding judge.
For example, one of Runyon's champions was Erle Stanley Gardner, writer and creator of Perry Mason.
Mason, Perry Fictional American trial lawyer and detective, the protagonist of more than 80 mystery novels (beginning with The Case of the Velvet Claws, 1933) by American attorney Erle Stanley Gardner.
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