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a unit of traffic intensity in a telephone system

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0001 IMF, intramuscular fat content; BW, body weight; PCW, percentage of carcass weight; PSEW, percentage of semi-eviscerated weight; PEW, percentage of eviscerated weight; PBM, percentage of breast muscle; PLM, percentage of leg muscle; PAF, percentage of abdominal fat; DH, Daheng chicken; HB, Hongbiao chicken; MB, Mountainous Black-bone chicken; EM, Erlang Mountainous chickens; BH1, line of BH1 from Banghe company; BH2, line of BH2 from Banghe company.
Erlang Solutions constantly seeks out new technologies and services to bring to its clients," said Marcus Taylor, CEO of Erlang Solutions.
David explains Erlang values: "Erlang formulas are a very clever set of algorithms that describe how a large population goes about accessing a limited resource.
Both Mercury and Erlang are members of the RapidIO Trade Association (RTA).
125-gigabit-per-second (Gbps) serializer/deserializer (SerDes) intellectual property (IP) core, and a switch fabric solution jointly developed with Erlang Technology using NEC's well-established CB-11 (0.
Ericsson's RNC 3810 sports best-in-class Erlang capacity, solid BHCA performance, and a host of deployments.
Improved spectrum utilization and Erlang capacity for urban voice applications compared to traditional technology,
NEC today announced it has entered a strategic partnership with Erlang Technology Inc.
The batch production time at manufacturing level is represented by the Erlang distribution Erl (k = 3) with multiple means.
beta, erlang, exponential, gamma, normal, pert, pertpg, scaled beta, triangular, and uniform), required number of resources for each task, available resources in each zone, labor and equipment rates, and materials costs.
All this makes developers look for alternative means of achieving load balancing and fault tolerance, which are both available in Ericsson's Erlang with minimal effort.
In the Ming-Dynasty semimythical novels Investiture of the Gods (Feng Shen Yan Yi, by Xu Zhonglin) and Journey to the West (Xi You Ji, by Wu Cheng'en), there is a god by the name of Erlang, who has a third truth-seeking eye in the middle of his forehead.
Vehicles can be generated under varying volumes and composition levels from different headway distributions, including negative exponential, shifted exponential and Erlang distribution.
1999; Paxson, Floyd 1995), the present Erlang models do not represent the Internet traffic precisely and can be used only at a session level.
People have already started to extend that, so we now have Erlang plugged into it and we're expecting others to get plugged into it as well.