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an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red Sea

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Despite that, every month thousands young Eritreans continue to flee one of the world's repressive nation risking their life to sneak out the heavily patrolled borders of the country.
Summary: Deported Eritreans, including at least six registered as refugees, risk detention and abuse in homeland.
Recreational vessels are strongly encouraged to avoid the region entirely, and commercial vessels without explicit agreements with Eritrean authorities are urged to avoid Eritrean territorial waters.
Several Eritreans have described the tax as a "consular service" for any citizen wishing to renew their passport or Eritrean holders of foreign passports requesting a visa to visit Eritrea.
Summary: DUBAI -- Eritreans residing in the UAE celebrated the 20th Independence Day of their country in Dubai.
Eritreans have long been at the core of Ethiopia's business community, especially in key sectors such as transportation, construction, garages and electronics.
Scores of Eritreans trying to escape the military draft are subjected to severe punishment by their government.
Information gathered through the pervasive control system is used in absolute arbitrariness to keep the population in a state of permanent anxiety," the report, adding "It is not law that rules Eritreans but fear"
According to a UN report, during the past two decades 360,000 Eritreans have left their country to exile, also thousands died while trying to cross to Europe in a dangerous sea routes.
Likewise, Eritreans living in Kansas City, USA, donated 36 thousand Nakfa to the Orphanage in Godaif here in As mara.
The UN has identified Manjus as the main architect behind the kidnapping of Eritreans within that country.
More than 490 young Eritreans have enrolled in a variety of subjects including accountancy, marketing, sales management and English.
TRIPOLI: Libya said on Thursday that it has granted some 400 Eritreans permission to stay after human rights group warnings that refugees and asylum seekers among them risked abuse if forcibly repatriated.
Eritreans are fighting to rebuild a shattered economy and restore their self-confidence.