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a native or inhabitant of Eritrea

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On January 1, 2018, Israel's Population, Immigration and Borders Authority (PIBA), under the Interior Ministry, announced plans to indefinitely detain thousands of Eritrean and Sudanese men if they refuse to leave for Rwanda or Uganda by March 31.
Additionally, while the literature on Eritrean transnationalism is focused on the conditions in Eritrea itself, (7) our research brings a missing element in addressing the conditions of settlement in countries of arrival.
Nothing is exaggerated," said Dawit, an Eritrean refugee living for eight years in Shimelba camp, the first of four dedicated to housing Eritrean refugees in Tigray.
Although colonialism and oppression have led to a successful Eritrean nationalism, peace and prosperity have eluded the country.
Speaking to Sudan Tribune , Ibrahim Haron, leader of the Ethiopia based Eritrean opposition Red Sea Afar Democratic organization (RSADO) identified the two pilots as Mebrahtu Tesfamariam and Afework fissehaye.
The League came out losing on both accounts--there was no independence, and the union with Ethiopia marginalized the Eritreans to the extent that the early violent resistance movements--the Eritrean People's Movement, the Eritrean People's Front, and eventually the Eritrean People's Liberation Front--were formed.
Media reports said nine Filipino fishermen were arrested by the Eritrean coast guard for fishing in its territorial waters.
The Eritrean government continues to restrict the travel of all foreign nationals.
Summary: Deported Eritreans, including at least six registered as refugees, risk detention and abuse in homeland.
According to Salem Alyan, a member of the Fishermen's Union, the men were not released as a result of diplomatic negotiations, but were told by Eritrean authorities that they were returned as a gesture of goodwill in line with the new year.
The blood money earned by Manjus goes all the way up to the Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, he said.
JEDDAH: MD AL-SULAMIThree Eritrean military officers, who landed at King Abdullah Regional Airport in Jazan on Tuesday, have been granted asylum.
Interior Minister Abdul-Qader Qahtan reviewed with Eritrean ambassador to Yemen Musa Yasin situations of the Yemeni and Eritrean fishermen and the traditional fishing.
The celebration was attended by Eritrean Ambassador Osman Mohammed Omer, Eritrean Consul-General Yohannes Teccemmichael, officials from consulates of different countries in Dubai, prominent personalities of the UAE and a large number of invited guests of different nationalities as well as members of the Eritrean community in the UAE.
The relevant authorities have begun taking steps to welcome and integrate these clandestine Eritrean immigrants to prevent them being exploited or put in danger by human traffickers," a foreign ministry statement said.