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a native or inhabitant of Eritrea

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Eritrean cyclists express joy as they are finishing first and second places at Tour of Setif in Algeria, in August 2015 (Photo Madote)
The Eritrean government continues to restrict the travel of all foreign nationals.
According to the Eritrean Embassy, the contribution was made in line with the initiative taken to patronize a total of 14 families of martyrs for two years.
Summary: Deported Eritreans, including at least six registered as refugees, risk detention and abuse in homeland.
According to Salem Alyan, a member of the Fishermen's Union, the men were not released as a result of diplomatic negotiations, but were told by Eritrean authorities that they were returned as a gesture of goodwill in line with the new year.
The blood money earned by Manjus goes all the way up to the Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, he said.
Earlier, Saudi Air Force jets forced a small single-engine Eritrean plane carrying the three officers to land when it entered the Kingdom's airspace.
They also discussed the security coordination between Yemen and Eritrea as well as the conditions of the Eritrean community in the country.
After a feast of Eritrean food, community members and Consul-General cut the 20th anniversary cake.
The Eritrean embassy in Tripoli is going to deliver identity cards to those concerned so that those who want to can stay in Libya," the ministry said, adding that around 400 people were affected.
The official said three women were found by Eritrean police in the back of a UN van, although it was unclear how they got there.
Today, the Eritrean Community Services of San Diego, which he helped found in 1985, has a membership of 150 families and serves an Eritrean community of up to 700.
The Eritrean Festival in London has become an unmissable annual event - and proof that Eritrea's creative spirit is as vibrant as ever.
Despite decades of internal strife in the surrounding countryside, the Eritrean capital of Asmara still maintains strong architectural and cultural connnections with its Italian colonial past.
Another team of UN observers leaves Asmara, the Eritrean capital, on Sept.