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an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red Sea

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There is one unfathomable fact that the UN Security Council cannot gloss over as it unfairly victimises Eritrea," noted the Eritrean ministry of foreign affair's statement.
Minister Osman expressed to the Secretary General Eritrea's commitment to boost consolidate and expand this constructive partnership, recognizing the progress that is being registered through the partnership between Eritrea and the United Nations.
Mike Smith, Chairperson, Commission of Inquiry on the situation of human rights in Eritrea, said, "More than two decades have passed since Eritrea emerged as a newly independent nation, full of hope for a free and prosperous future for all its citizens.
We strongly advise you not to travel to all border regions due to ongoing conflict and instability between Eritrea and the neighbouring countries of Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti," the government warns.
interests in Eritrea include reconciling ongoing disputes with Ethiopia and Djibouti, urging progress toward a democratic political culture, citing and addressing human rights issues, promoting economic reform, and encouraging Eritrea to contribute to regional stability.
Eritrea however has vehemently denied any involvement in the attack.
The US and other nations accuse Eritrea of supplying al-Shabaab fighters with funds and arms as they battle to topple a fragile UN-backed transitional government in Somalia, a state that has been virtually lawless for 18 years.
And it presses Eritrea to withdraw troops immediately from disputed territories along its frontier with Djibouti and engage in diplomatic efforts leading to "a mutually acceptable" settlement of their long-running border dispute.
CAPE TOWN, South Africa: As it boosts aid to Somalia's weak interim government to fight an Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militia, the Obama administration is grasping for ways to cut off what it says is one of the militant group's main supply lines: the tiny Red Sea state of Eritrea.
Three months later, athletic officials in Eritrea contacted the 5-foot-7 reed-thin runner about competing in the European Championships, which were held in Athens this past August.
But Ethiopia yesterday reiterated its demand that Eritrea withdraw from disputed land.
The United States, and the new administration, had hoped and frankly continues to hope that there may be a window for improved relations with Eritrea, that Eritrea may step back" from policies that fan unrest in Somalia, she said.
Ending a 5-day tour of the countries of the Horn of Africa, Bellamy holds a news conference in Nairobi, Kenya and says Eritrea was in particular jeopardy from the twin threats of war and drought.
From 1966-70 Wudneh was head of the Government Press Department in what was then the Ethiopian province of Eritrea but is now an independent country.
WASHINGTON, May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Release-Eritrea USA, a global partnership of Eritreans and friends of Eritrea standing against religious persecution in Eritrea, calls on the Government of Eritrea to release all Christian prisoners and respect the human rights of its citizens by reinstating freedom of religious worship.