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(Greek mythology) goddess of discord

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Under the agreement, Sapient Global Markets will provide client training, program management and technology expertise including integration of clearing and trading systems as well as support for other technology solutions, to help firms take advantage of the Eris Exchange Interest Rate Swap Futures market.
We are pleased with the increasing levels of participation and open interest in Eris interest rate futures, said David Peniket, President, ICE Futures Europe.
Eris added that the 22-year-old always wanted to "do well" in England.
However, the new study found that, like Eris, Makemake lacks atmosphere.
Eris has a diameter of 1,445 miles (2,326 km) with an uncertainty of just 0.
Eris plans to offer up to 10m common shares at TWD39 a piece to its stockholders in a drive to raise TWD390m (USD13.
The group of astronomers decided to call Pluto and Eris "dwarf planets'--a class that the scientists say is separate from the solar system's eight official planets.
But this time his main adversary is Eris, the goddess of chaos, whose evil plan to destroy the ancient world forces him to set aside his roguish ways and become a true hero.
It seems chaos goddess Eris wants the book for her own mischievous purposes.
TT supports over thirty markets worldwide and in early 2013, X_TRADER will provide access to Eris Exchange.
CBOE Holdings has made an announcement on its settlement of a deal for making a minority equity investment into the US-based futures exchange group Eris Exchange Holdings.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 21, 2012--Morgan Stanley to acquire stake in Eris Exchange(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
London, Oct 27 (ANI): Astronomers have found that the faraway dwarf planet Eris is an almost perfect twin of Pluto in size.
Turkish Consul General in Munich Hidayet Eris will open the Turkish stand on Wednesday.
In fact, Eris is now so close to the size of Pluto that Pluto could regain its lost title as the king of the known trans-Neptunian objects.