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the specific parasite of the woolly apple aphis, Eriosoma lanigerum Hausm.
Natural control of Aphelinus mali on Eriosoma lanigerum and the parasitoid's over wintering protection measures.
These are typical colonies of Eriosoma lanigerum, the woolly aphid, that can infest culinary and ornamental apples, cotoneasters and pyracanthas.
Aphelinus mali (Haldeman) (Hymenoptera: a parasitoid of the woolly apple aphid, Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausmann) (HemipAphelinidae), tera: Aphididae) originated from North America (Beers 2012; Lavandero and Tylianakis 2013).
Isolation and characterization of nine microsatellite loci from Aphelinus mali (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), a parasitoid of Eriosoma lanigerum (Hemiptera: Aphididae).
Impact of flavonoids against woolly apple aphid, Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausmann) and Its Sole Parasitoid, Aphelinus mali (Hald.