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In central parts Eriophorum vaginatum, Marchantia polymorpha, and Pohlia nutans and in marginal parts Bryum spp.
and among fertilized samples Eriophorum vaginatum were abundant.
For the Tahtvere extracted peatland Eriophorum vaginatum, Pinus sylvestris, Dicranella cerviculata, and Pohlia nutans were more significant indicator species in comparison with other peatlands.
2000), who ascertained that the pioneer species Polytrichum strictum, Eriophorum vaginatum, and Eriophorum angustifolium reduce frost heaving, prevent residual peat erosion by wind, and facilitate the growth of other species (such as Sphagnum spp.
Eriophorum vaginatum, Epilobium montanum, Taraxacum spp.
Cariceae clade and sister to the small Scirpeae genera Eriophorum (ca.
For both methods Eriophorum vaginatum and Scirpus polystachyus were placed in the outgroup based on previous molecular analyses that strongly suggest these taxa are sister to Cariceae (Muasya et al.
The chromosome number of some species of Carex and Eriophorum.
Karyological study of the genera Blysmus Panzer, Eriophorum L.
2005a), or the smooth ribbon-like perianth parts in Eriophorum (e.
In Eriophorum, the many ribbon-shaped perianth parts develop from a massive perigonial primordium.
By applying the general floral ontogenetic model for Cyperoideae, the nature of the bristles in Dulichium, the perianth hairs in Eriophorum, the inner perianth parts in Fuirena, and the lateral scales in Hellmuthia has been clarified, as well as the structure of the spikelet in the controversial species Schoenus nigricans.