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(classical mythology) the hideous snake-haired monsters (usually three in number) who pursued unpunished criminals

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Mackie de deduire abusivement du texte virgilien l'appartenance de Megere a la famille des Dirae (ce qui lui permet ensuite de poser lequivalence entre Furies et Dirae a partir du releve de l'inscription de Megere sur les vases dans le role d'une Furie), si lon peut le critiquer egalement d'avoir considere que Virgile s'inspirait des demons italiens sur la base de la dualite des Erinyes (alors que deja, dans les textes grecs, Erinys donne la mort), il faut lui reconnaitre le merite d'avoir fait avancer la recherche sur des bases plus sures.
John Holmes, the director of Erinys International and Erinys UK, said the area in which the personal security officers were working was known to have insurgents operating.
The 45-year-old was employed by security firm Erinys, serving with the United States Department of Defence protecting engineers and civilians.
For example, Aegis Defence Services Limited, Erinys International, and ArmorGroup Services Ltd.
Robert, 35, a former paratrooper from Comrie, near Perth, was typical of the recruits to the large British Private Security Company, Erinys.
governments have employed a host of "security" companies, such as Aegis, Blackwater, Control Risks Group, Erinys, Vinnell, and KBR.
South Africa was regarded as one of the top three suppliers of personnel for private military/security companies such as Erinys International, Meteoric Tactical Solutions, Sailor Services and DynCorp.
firm: Erinys Iraq is seeking an injunction from the U.
Un ejemplo de esto es la empresa sudafricana Erinys, que, para proteger los oleoductos iraquies, contrato a los mercenarios Richard "Sanders" Rouget (implicado en el asesinato, en 1988, de la representante en Francia de Nelson Mandela); Francois Strydom (muerto en Irak, pero autor de decenas de crimenes en Namibia) y Deon Gouws (policia sudafricano, terrorista y asesino en la era del apartheid).
After necking his Diet Styx and smacking his aflame lips he staggers up and grabs the mike, condemns the whole phalanstery to his performance poetry, some kitsch Ovidian thing Raytheon and Erinys, bathotelescopic beyond belief, literally, then some thinky retro poetical work in progress full of you soften and you harden, all that fashionable legless jackbooting of the abstract second person, inevitable prosodic botox as points de capiton, * inevitable hackneyed sex negativity * inevitable recusant lyrical I * " muzakological Coucher du Roy klaxon solo * " UNHCR Damascus budget s etc, until finally this hot white Cheng-scenester But I live in imperative sympathy with you.
Erinys International Limited es una empresa angto-sudafricana creada en 2003, cuando la Autoridad Provisional en Irak decidio otorgarle un contrato por 100 millones de dolares para proteger estructuras petroleras y oleoductos en este pais.
Erinys--compania britanica-sudafricana--obtuvo un contrato para proteger el oleoducto y formar a la futura guardia del mismo (entrevista con Erinys, verano 2006)
Erinys, the security and risk management company, also confirmed that Mr Litvinenko had visited its offices in Grosvenor Street.
Erinys, the security and risk management company, also confirmed yesterday that Mr Litvinenko had visited its offices in Grosvenor Street.